Scalp Exfoliators : Should You Bother?

Washing our hair is getting more and more complicated every day. First it was ditching ingredients we've used forever and adjusting to a new way of washing without the suds. Then it was co-washing, where you only use a conditioner-like product to clean your hair. My favorite is reverse washing, where you condition first and wash second, for extra volume (which totally works--just don't try it with dry or damaged hair!). Then came the pre-wash conditioners. Now we have scalp exfoliators. Do you even need one?


One step many people miss when washing their own hair is really getting down to the scalp and scrubbing at the roots with your fingertips. It's important to sweep away oil and dirt so the scalp and the hair follicles can function properly. A scalp that is coated with sebum and product, creates hair that looks greasy and lacks movement and volume. If your hair doesn't swing from the roots when you shake your head, you may need to rethink how you care for your scalp.

According to Bethany Maglicane, owner of the Baltimore-based salon, Laboratorie, "Exfoliators may be helpful to someone with an oily scalp, or someone who uses a lot of product. Agitation is the key to successfully exfoliating and cleansing the scalp. If you decide to use an exfoliator, just be careful you don't over exfoliate the scalp with products and dry out your hair in the process."

When scrubbing with your fingers doesn't give you the results you are looking for or if your hair just feels weighted down, then it's time to try a scalp exfoliator. Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture's Dream Come True Wonderful Scalp Exfoliator will change how your hair moves after two or three uses. I use it as a pre-shampoo treatment to avoid standing in the shower and wasting more water than is needed.

Begin by misting the roots of your hair with water, all over your head with a spray bottle.

Apply Wonderful Scalp Exfoliator at the roots, directly on the scalp, making sure to really work it into the scalp.

Next, to make the most of the treatment, I add an oil to my hair from the mid-shaft down as an extra conditioning treatment. Right now, I'm using this Olive Oil based hemp extract from CW Hemp.

It's time to relax! I cover my hair in a soft hair wrap for about twelve minutes and catch up on Instagram.

Shampoo and condition as normal, making sure to really scrub the scalp with your fingertips to remove all of the exfoliator. It took two uses for me to really see a change in my hair. You can't deny how much more movement my hair has after the treatment!

Try Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture's Dream Come True Wonderful Scalp Exfoliator for $32.00 and let me know how it worked for you if you try it! (You know you want hair that swings again!)

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  1. Very interesting. Been losing my hair recently a lot is coming out. Especially when I wash my hair. After I shampoo and put condition let in I comb thru it with a wide tooth comb and put it in a alligator clip till done with my body. And then lean my head over with my hand held shower head and rinse so I don't get loose hair on me. And hen cool rinse very last. Then put up in a towel. And get out. I so t use heat hardly at all air most of the time and don't really style most days. On really hot days I put it up in a clip or pony. But looking for hair growth help shampoo or whatever. Most I have seen r expensive for me. But may have to bite the bullet some day. Also have a crazy question when showering and using a body scrub do I wash my body with soap and then exfoliate? That's what I have been doing. And my shaving under arms before. Rinse In between soap and body scrub. I don't just wondered if there was a way that works best for either? Hope that makes sence lol.

    1. I'm so sorry to learn about the hair loss...having just gone through it, it's tough. Have you had your thyroid checked? Sometimes our hair just changes with life, stress or age. Peter Lamas as a great less expensive line to help revitalize the scalp. So does Regenesis by RevitaLash, but it's pricey. As for the exfoliation, I do it the same way! Whatever works for you!


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