FOUND: The Most Youthful "Blush" Yet

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Most Youthful Blush

I'm obsessed with this iridescent, baby-faced shade from Urban Decay. Aura is everything the magazines tell you to avoid when you're over 22, so get ready to rethink the rules. This shade is sheer but pops a really pretty pink glow on the apple of your cheeks.

Most Youthful Blush
8 Hour Highlighter in Aura by Urban Decay, $26. Bracelets by Joseph Nogucci, $12+
It has a touch of iridescence, but it's not glittery or prom-like. It just gives a beautiful pink glow, making your smile come alive when the light catches your face.

Most Youthful Blush

If you are looking for a color to give you a non-surgical lift, Aura is the most youthful blush I've seen. While this is actually an 8 hour highlighter, apply it like a blush for a more youthful appearance. Tap it on to the apple of your cheeks and blend, blend, blend. Skip it on your nose and chin. You don't want "light reflecting" products to compete with each other. Unless, that is, you're looking to recreate something from Falcon Crest.

Most Youthful Blush

Most Youthful Blush

This is one of three shades of 8 Hour Highlighters released before the Alice in Wonderland collection (which has amazing lippies, I'm told!). Sin is a beautiful champagne and Fireball is a peachy shade that will deliver a youthful glow (I'm going to grab it today!). Snag Aura for a baby faced glow anywhere UD is sold for $26.00.

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Urban Decay Aura 8 Hour Highlighter
Written by: Gouldylox
Date published: 05/02/2016
4 / 5 stars

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