FOTD with Milani Fierce Foils Eyeshine

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Milani recently released a collection of gorgeous, shimmering, sparkling otherworldly shadows, called Fierce Foils Eyeshines. Shiny, shimmery and beautiful; this texture can take your look to a whole new level.

For those that don't know, foiling your shadow means applying a shiny shadow with a slightly wet brush for an extreme, glistening look. Sometimes this is good for the shadows and sometimes it is not. It can also be messy and time-consuming. If you want the look without the mess, this collection from Milani is all you.

These shadows apply dry. You don't need to wet your brush. If you fell for Stila's jewel shadows a few years ago and were sad they didn't go permanent, then get ready to stock up. These shadows are gorgeous! The quad comes with it's own little brush. But it's not really a brush. It's more of a paddle.

I have been playing around with the Fierce Foils quad in Milan. This is the most neutral of the available quads and the easiest to pull off without trying too hard. The colors are nude with a touch of bronze and this quad works for everyone. I kind of feel like I should be hoarding these...

To apply these, be sure you start with a good eye primer. Fallout isn't a major problem with these, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right? I found they apply easiest with a patting motion from a flat brush or with your finger. This isn't a typical eyeshadow and you can't apply it exactly the same as you would any old powder.

I also added Milani's Fierce Foil Eyeliner in Brown Foil to complete the look. These liners have a really black base, which makes the foil shimmer really pop. Right now, there are only four: black, brown, purple and navy (I've already hit four stores looking for all of them!). This liner lasts and lasts and even does a nice job on the waterline, if you can handle applying a powder there.

I'm also wearing Milani's Tea Rose Powder Blush (which is almost too pretty to use) and Matte Passion Lipstick, which looks like it was stolen from the era of the pinup. It's gorgeous if you are bold enough to pull it off!

Definitely grab these and add a little shimmer to your lids. The lightest color in the quad is all you'll need for the corner of your eye. Ever.

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  1. Really cute eyes with this palette. Did you purchase online or did you find it at the store?

    1. Milani sent this to me (as noted at the top of the post), but I've only seen them in one store in my area. For some reason around Baltimore, the stores never seem to carry the specialty products. It makes me nutty!! I did find more of the liners last night and bought the other three. The Purple is my favorite. For now.

  2. Your review is the only one that I've seen that is positive about these quads. Do you think there is a bit of a learning curve with them or anything that you absolutely have to do a specific way to make sure they apply properly?

    1. Really? I liked this formula when Stila used it (and they got discontinued). I think if you try to apply it like a regular shadow, it won't work. You have to apply it like an odd cream and fingers work best. Apply your foundation afterwards, to cover up any fall out. With a primer, I had no issues. The Foil liners are my new favorite. I bought ALL of them!


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