What is Making My Face Itch This Summer?

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If you are anything like me, in the warmer months, your face starts to sting and itch. It feels like a thousand tiny, annoying bees attacking your skin. Touching your skin makes it worse. Sometimes, even after you wash your skin, your face still stings and itches. The solution is really easy, but you may not like it.

It's (most likely) your foundation*. Many foundations contain an ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride and it's what gives your powders and foundations that dewy glow and helps your powder stick to the skin. It's a known irritant to many people, but usually only causes a problem in hot weather. Bismuth is the reason Bare Minerals created their "Matte" powder foundation years ago. You can be sensitive to bismuth and get away with wearing it most months during the year. However, when the temperatures spike, bismuth can really, really become a problem!

Mica, which is similar to bismuth,  can also cause the stinging sensation. If your foundation is bothering you, but primarily in warmer weather, one of these ingredients is likely to be the cause!

So what do you do? Easy. Stop wearing it. I know, you love the glow but irritating your skin is never a good idea. Baby your skin for a few days. Avoid harsh chemicals, acids and retinols. If you really need a little more help, pick up  Skin Transformer Miracle Balm. It really works for me whenever my skin flares up. My skin is flaring up as I type and applying the Skin Transformer Miracle Balm relieved my skin on contact. It doesn't feel perfect just yet (it's been 25 seconds) but it's so much better. Thirty minutes later, it's so much better. If irritation flares up, this is what you'll want to settle things down.

*I'm no doctor. So if you have a rash, swelling or anything that Blue Star Ointment cures, see a doctor. If you wear foundation with bismuth oxychloride, try ditching that first.

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