Makeup Wars: Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

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Who doesn't get excited about new Too Faced Palettes? I know I wait with bated breath for each one of them! The Cat Eyes Palette is no exception; it's beautiful and full of twinkling shades, deep blacks and sexy sheens. With so many ways to wear a cat eye, why only complete the look with liner?

As with most Too Faced Palettes, you'll get the shades to complete a Day Look, a Classic Look and a Fashion Look. Each "look" uses three colors, all arranged for sheer ease. The Day Look uses bronze shades to create a suitable-for-work eye.

You'll also get a booklet that shows you the exact steps to get the look. Once you've mastered those, branch out, mixing and matching. You're going to use that black constantly. It's great on the waterline and smudged on the upper lid. Normally there are at least one or two shades I'm not that into, but that isn't the case with this palette (or with the LORAC Pro 2). All of the colors can be used wet or dry, which is great for creating a sharp line using the dark colors.

The Day Look includes the top row of shadows: Purr, Tiger's Eye, Leopard
The Classic Look includes the middle row: Meow, Pussy Cat, Jungle Love
The Fashion Look includes the bottom row: Kitten, Kitty Glitter, Panther

Because I have fairly hooded eyes, cat eye looks aren't always the easiest for me to pull off. So I came up with a different way to wear a cat eye. Call it an Egyptian Cat Eye or whatever you will, this is what works for my very hooded lids.

Take the lightest-colored shadow and place it from lid to slightly above the crease.

Then take the darker crease color and using a pointed, wide brush, make a line that would mimic the cat eye, but very wide from the outer corner of the lid, tapering down to the center of the iris. Blend slightly and do not apply any crease color.

This gives your eye the appearance of being stretched out and slightly wider, like an Egyptian Cat.

Try it and see if you like how it slightly changes the shape of your eye!

Pick it up wherever Too Faced is sold for $36.00.

For more Too Faced Cat Eyes ideas, check out the Makeup Wars tiles below!

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  1. #1 this looks awesome on you. #2 I am obsessed with the blond hair. I loved the red and thought that was you, but THIS is YOU. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    1. Thank you!!! I'm getting used to it. After this weekend at the pool, it's gotten even lighter....

  2. You came up with a great look! I love this palette.

  3. I love your Egyptian Cat Eye. Great technique!

  4. I'm with Brooke, you are killing it as a blonde!

    1. Thanks everyone!!! I'm finally getting used to the blonde!

  5. I love your photos!! You look so good in all of them!

  6. Loving the blonde! Your look is so flattering!

  7. You're all sexy and sultry and just all kinds of stunning, woman!


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