Wrapp It Up - I'm Giving Away Money to Gap! (Seriously!)

If you don't know about Wrapp yet, you are missing out (and so are your Facebook friends!). Wrapp is a great way to give your friends free $5 gift cards to their favorite stores like Gap, Sephora, Threadless and H&M, as well as other values from Rent the Runway, The Wall Street Journal, Worby Parker, Kiva, Zappos and Old Navy. You can even add more to it to make the gift really special! Did I mention you can give many of their gifts for FREE? To celebrate Social Gifting Wednesday, Wrapp has a vault full of great gifts you can snag today- but go there early! They won't last long!

Here is how Wrapp works. Download the app on your phone, connect it to your Facebook account and BOOM. You can also download the app through Facebook itself. Start giving out free gifts like your name is Santa. Wrapp shows you which friends have special days coming up and you can select a gift, write a message and hit send. It's that easy. You can even schedule a gift a few days or months in advance. (A few readers celebrating birthdays should be on the lookout!) 

To cash in your gift, simply show the cashier your Wrapp "wallet" at the checkout and they'll deduct your money. That amount is then taken out of your Wrapp wallet. You always know where and when you can shop with a discount! Of course, it works online as well as in stores. Keep in mind that Wrapp is like karma; you give gifts to others and they give back to you.

If you are not already a Wrapp user, download the app from Facebook NOW and start shopping for friends. So you can tell your friends how great Wrapp is, kick off the shopping season and save money, Wrapp has given me free $5 gift cards that you can claim for yourself from Gap. Claim them while you can- they aren't in endless supply. (Tell your friends to grab them too! I love Wrapp- it's so much fun to use!)

To get started, click this link and claim your $5 gift card to Gap. I've got $1000 in Gap money to share, so go and get it!

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