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You know I love my hair gadgets. When this one fell into my lap, I wasn't really sure it was for me, but I so wanted to find a way to make it work for me! If you don't already know, steamers and tools that use steam are going to be the big next trend. L'OREAL and Rowenta (the iron people!) have one currently only available in salons. Conair is launching a steam tool soon. But Q-Redew is the only one that gives you versatility in how you use it. 

Q-Redew is essentially a steamer of sorts for your hair. It was designed for women with curly or wavy hair to boost those waves and curls without adding frizz. Women with straight hair can benefit by adding volume without the use of chemicals or dry shampoo, also without adding frizz.

But before you take a clothing steamer to your hair to see if I'm making all of this up (and burn your head, so DO NOT TRY IT), let's talk about what makes the Q-Redew so different.

(The reservoir is removable so you can fill it easily.)

Q-Redew is a small steamer that allows little fingers to deliver small bursts of steam to the hair. This steam rapidly heats hair, adds moisture  and shine and then cools down to refresh your hair. Think of it as a diffuser that delivers a warm mist of water to hair, giving curls oomph and rejuvenating tired locks. While it does get hot, since you control where you are placing the mist, you don't hurt yourself. That said, don't let cats or toddlers play with it unsupervised. Because it's warm, whenever I unplug it and put it back on my vanity, my cat Bean likes to curl around it.

I don't have curly or even wavy hair, but my new passion is extending a blowout as long as humanly possible. This tool is taking the place of dry shampoo, every other day. I've noticed as I stretch out my time between shampoos, dry shampoo makes me itchy. If I use Q-Redew every other day, I can go a full week without shampooing! This means less styling with heat, less damage and more sleep. Who doesn't love that?

You can also do quick pincurls in the morning, steam your hair for a few minutes (total), let the curls cool for about 10 minutes and then shake out loose waves and volume. You'll need to follow up with a bit of spray to hold the wave, but for some fast volume, it works wonders! I recently used this on my sister in law, Abz, and it made her wavy hair super shiny, bouncy and really pretty in about three minutes.

To answer your questions about this, I'm going to attempt to be psychic:

1. It won't make your hair frizzy if you don't go nuts with the steamer. If you apply a crazy amount of steam, you could add frizz. Like everything, you'll have to try it a few times and figure out what works for you.

2. This costs $70.

3. You can't burn yourself unless you try to.

4. You can't electrocute yourself if you use it properly. You add water to the removable tank when the item is unplugged.

5. It is kind of heavy, but you'll live.

6. Is it worth $70? Depends on your needs. Do you have wavy or curly hair and you like to wear it that way? Yes. Is your hair straight and you want volume and you are game for trying new things? This is pretty cool.

7. It doesn't damage your hair, there are no chemicals.

Check it out for yourself at!

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  1. Seems like a really great product.
    Probably will end up buying one and add it to the other machienes in my drawer that I use in attempt to control my wavy/curly frizzy hair.

  2. Most women add volume to their hair by using a blow dryer but you don't have to do it like that! In "Volume to Your Hair" you can find out useful steps to get the volume hair as you want without the use of any heating products or tools.

  3. Lot of women use blow dryer and their hair is O.K. I'm doing this myself.


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