Wishlist: If I Were a Rich Girl...

Ever wish price wasn't an issue? Here is what I would want, if I was made of money. Plus more Sarah Potempa Wrap Ups. I want to keep those things everywhere I go. They are genius! If money were no issue, what would you ask for? I know you would ask for good health for you and your loved ones, as well as world peace. So you can't say that. But if you had just won Powerball, what beauty products would you want?

Click the items and get the details for each below!

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  1. I second the Tory Burch bag. I'd also want another LV bag if I won the lotto.

    Beautywise: I'd like to try La Mer face cream and a few of those SPF30+ BB Creams from Japan.

  2. Hoe have I not heard of The Wrap Up? Looks fabulous. I agree with the majority of your selections. Sadly I was not one of the lucky lottery winners....so I will just keep dreaming of the fabulous Tory Burch bag, the Tria, the Wrap Up...BE goodies, Instead of having visions of sugar plums dancing in my head....I'll have visions of these awesome products. Thank you!

  3. Forget the Tria. I loved it at first, because it slowed hair growth within a month and I thought it was going to completely eliminate the need for shaving. After using it faithfully, as instructed for 10 months (when I finally gave up), I am still having to shave under my arms every 3 - 4 days and my legs every week. I have put so much time into using the laser, that slowing the growth is less than what I wanted.


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