Cold Weather Doesn't Mean You Have To Neglect Your Gams

As colder weather sets in, so does the time I imagine men and so inclined women hate: The Shaving Moratorium Months. For some reason, when the sweat pants come out, the leg razors go away. Not only does this mean that knee socks, skinny jeans and tights have taken over, but your legs get plain neglected. The chance of your calves seeing daylight outside of the shower or a vacation are as likely as meeting vampires who glitter in the daylight.

Are you guilty? I always assumed everyone shaved year round, but I've since come to learn that I am sorely mistaken. Aside from the feeling of a smooth, soft leg, shaving actually helps your legs in other ways. It's not always easy to remember that when you are debating the benefits of sleeping in or shaving.

Part of what shaving does is exfoliate dead cells from your legs. This allows moisturizer to penetrate the skin more easily for softer, less itchy, less irritated skin. So not shaving can cause an unfriendly downward spiral where your legs are concerned. What if you've let your leg hair get out of control and feel like you need hair removal help to return your legs to their shining glory? (Speaking of which, have you ever tried any kind of at home laser hair removal? I haven't had the chance, but I hear it's fairly painless and you can do it while watching TV. If you have any experience, let me know what worked, will ya?)

Regardless of how you got there, here are the steps to get soft, touchable legs, without the irritation.

Whether it's for a special night out or just so you feel clean again, start by taking a hot, steamy shower. The steam will help soften the hair, making it easier for the razor to move and remove.

Wash your body and your hair as you normally would, leaving your legs for last.

Reach for a moisturizing shave gel or foam. Spread a fairly thick coat of shave cream on your legs and let it sit for a few seconds.

Then, using a new razor, carefully shave your legs with long, upward strokes. Be sure to rinse the razor after each upward motion.

Rinse thoroughly, blot legs so they are 80% dry and apply a creamy body lotion.

Finally, swear to never let that happen again.

Do you slack off during cold weather? Does your significant other mind? Considering skipping shaving entirely or going for laser hair removal for permanent results? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I don't shave my legs as often in the winter, but I definitely don't feel guilty about it, and I certainly don't feel dirty. I don't have a moral obligation to shave, and I exfoliate and moisturize just fine without a razor involved. Why shame people for doing things differently than you want to?

  2. Hi Monkey! Of course you don't have a moral obligation to shave- I'm curious what people do about shaving in the winter. Personally, if I don't shave my legs, I'm itchy and feel like I haven't taken a shower - but that is just me! There is no shame in your game, if you shave or not. It's a personal decision...I'm just curious about what people do!

  3. oh people will always take things wrong.

    i personally freak out when my girlfriends neglect the body hair in the winter. esp when they have significant others! i am pretty hardnosed about grooming though. i do everything the same year round except arm waxing. i am in los angeles though and we do tend to go overboard. my only laziness is pulling on a hat instead of fixing bedhead in a pinch!

  4. I don't shave my legs at all, so winter is no different from summer in that regard! My body hair is blonde and fine, so I can get away with it. It's been over a decade since I stopped, so my hair is really soft and not a problem feel-wise. I do shave my underarms and occasionally the bikini area though, that hair is darker and coarser and much more obvious when I wear something that shows that area. I notice that I groom those areas more often in the summer because it's more likely that they're out, but I don't completely stop in the winter.

    1. YOU ARE SO LUCKY. My hair is like little razors that stick straight out and ruin leggings from the inside out. (TRUE STORY!)

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