Three Ways Tarte SmolderEYES Are Amazing

Have you seen the SmolderEYES sticks from Tarte? Somehow I missed them when the original colors were released. But I'm all caught up now and these are amazing! These chubby pencils are stuffed with waterproof pigment in twenty different monochromatic colors that work on every eye color, every time.

These pencils are four times bigger than your average eyeliner and blend like a charm. Well, they blend like a charm for about thirty seconds, and then they "dry down" and become completely immovable for hours and hours of smoky eye hotness. Read More.....

This season, Tarte has added three new colors to the line up: Smoldering Golden Black, Smoldering Olive and Smoldering Fig. Here is a look at the newbies, as well as the previously existing colors:

(Golden Black, Charcoal, Brown, Bronze, Navy, Plum, Olive, Fig)

(Navy, Plum, Olive, Fig)

(Golden Black, Charcoal, Brown, Bronze)

These pencils make a smoldering, sexy eye a snap. Try one of these foolproof methods to get a gorgeous look.

Take Smoldering Olive and apply it all over your eye from the crease down. Now take a stiff crease blending brush (or a stiff crease brush) and smoke out the edges, into your crease. Then take a nude or peachy/tangerine shimmer shadow (I like Shimmering Vibrant Copper) and apply a light touch of shadow in the crease, using a fluffy brush, to blend the SmolderEYES stick and your nude eye together.

For a different look, inspired by Michaela Conlin from Bones, take the Navy SmolderEYES stick and apply it to your eyes, just above the lash line, not quite extending as high as the crease. Then take your stiff crease blending brush and blend out the very top of the navy. After waiting for about forty-five seconds, apply SmolderEYES in Fig over the portion of the navy that you blended out. Take your stiff crease blending brush and blend that up towards your crease. Voila! Easy and gorgeous!

Need something faster and easier? Opt for this quick and sexy look that is easy enough for anyone. Apply a shimmery nude color to your lid. Next grab SmolderEYES in Golden Black and draw a slightly thickened line above your lash, extending a tiny bit past your lash line, ending with an upward flick of the wrist. Wait a few seconds and re-trace your line. Now take the smudger end of the stick and lightly smudge your dark line upward in little strokes. Add mascara and you are set for the evening!

Pick them up from Tarte (or anywhere Tarte is sold) for $25 each. What is your favorite way to wear these? Tell me in the comments! If you are reading this on August 15th, it's the last day of the Tarte Friends and Family Sale- save 30% Off with Code FFAUG.

PS - you are going to need an oil based makeup remover to get these off. This picture was taken after hand washing with soap.

Sent for review. Tarte never tests on animals.

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  1. They look so pigmented. Great for quick eyes! 

  2. So pretty, love tarte! These make me long for fall.

  3. I agree these really stay put.  When I swatched them I had to scrub at my hand to get them off.  I really want plum and olive

  4. I love the colors but I find that they're not at all smudge-able. I've tried smudging immediately after applying and there's absolutely no movement. I can't imagine using the sticks as anything but eyeliner; it just doesn't go down easily at all. I was really hoping for something creamier. Think I might've gotten a bad stick?

    1. I think you may have gotten bad sticks. I can smudge mine for about 30 seconds and then they don't move AT ALL. Mine are pretty creamy, assuming you use more than the tiniest, tiny amount.


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