Mally Lip Essentials Volumizing Lip System

I love Mally Roncal. Her Mally Beauty inventions always make my day (and my skin!) brighter, my shadow creaseless and my lashes lush. So of course I was excited to try her new Volumizing Lip System.

This little one-two-combo Lip Volumizing System is pretty basic, but it makes a real difference. First, you apply the primer to your lips and let it dry. Next, you use the tailored-for-your-skin-tone lip liner and fill in your lips with the pencil. Mally says you can even go outside of the lip line, but I have honestly never seen that work on anyone in real life so don't even try it, ok?

(Fair, Light/Medium)

Next, apply any lip stick or gloss over your lips and your color is set for much, much longer than without the primer-liner combo. Plus, your lip color will fade more evenly and your lips will look naturally defined, without looking like you have drawn them on. This is a great option if you don't have a strong lip line or if your color tends to fade really quickly.


If you opt to wear the liner and the primer on it's own as a natural lip, you can, but I found it to be a little on the sticky side. I much preferred it in conjunction with a gloss or lipstick over the lip liner.To me, it felt a little like the long-wear lipsticks from the drugstore if you don't top them off with a gloss or other color.

 (Fair, Light/Medium)

And those feel too dry to me, so much so that I can't tolerate them for long. However, with a gloss (especially Mally's Blossom), I really like the look and the wear I get from this combo.

(Fair, Light/Medium, Lip Primer)

Mally's Volumizing Lip System is available in four colors : Fair, Light/Medium, Rich and Tan. I tried both the Fair and the Light and both matched my lips. Personally, I prefer the fair for a more natural look. Check this out on the Q, it retails for $26.00. What do you think? A must have or a pricey basic?

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Mally doesn't test on animals. Product was sent for review.

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