Best Eyeliners for a Cat and Kitten Eye

This Fall, cat and kitten eyes are everywhere. You can pair them with a neutral eyeshadow and an orange or red lip for a striking day or evening look. Or opt for a softer and slightly smaller kitten eye that goes everywhere. Not sure what I'm talking about?

A cat eye has been popular since people learned how to carve in stone. And there are loads of ways to wear it. The kitten eye is the more gentle version of the same style, but easier to slink into, for those who aren't as brazen with their daily makeup. It can be the same shape as the cat eye, but just done with a softer line.

The question is, what's the best way to get that look? There are a ga-shmillion products available and since this is more about technique, most of them will work. But because I'm no pro, I don't have amazing technique, I'm a klutz and I can only really see out of one eye (when not wearing glasses), I thought I'd tell you what works best for me. After all, I can't be the only one-eyed, non-pro klutz wanting to rock a cat eye, can I?

But first, let's start with a kitten eye. A kitten eye is a lighter, softer, less dramatic version of the cat eye. To create the perfect kitten eye, you'll need a flat, angled liner brush. Use a dark powder (or a bright powder to create a feisty kitten) and sweep it on, close to the lash line. Flick your wrist upwards as you move along and just slightly past the edge of your lashline.

(Smashbox Soft Effects Powder liner in Gunmetal)

Or, make it even easier on yourself and pick up Smashbox's new Soft Effects Powder Eye Liner in Gunmetal.  The applicator gives you a perfect line and the creamy shadow gives you a soft, defined line. It's one of my must-have liners this season!

I'm a huge fan of Angelina, or at least a huge fan of her beauty. (Although I wish she would start eating again.) This look uses a liner on the upper inner rim, around the bottom of the eye and extended out past the corner. For this type of look, I love Dalton Cream Liner for the inner rim. I know any self-respecting blogger would say it's UD, but that doesn't stay on the waterline for me. Dalton Cream liner stays for more than 8 hours. On the top and bottom of the lid, I would recommend Urban Decay or Too Faced. Be sure to smudge the lines lightly before the liner has a chance to set. For a thinner line, opt for a thinner pencil. Looking for a smudgy medium-thick line? Opt for Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Pencils. Need it to stay for more than 8 hours? Trace your line with a pointed eyeliner brush filled with a matching dark powder.

This cat eye is smaller and much easier to wear daily. This looks to be tightlined, when you push liner into the lashes, creating the tiniest line. On the outer corner, line the inner rim until you reach the iris. Then create a thick line that points slightly towards the brow. Since I am downright bad at drawing a thick line, I like to use NYX's Super Fat Marker. Finally, use a nude pencil like Tarte's Inner Rim Brightener or Three Custom Color Specialists Clarify to make your bottom waterline look perfect. 

(Wearing Siren from UD)

This fall, a black cat eye is the basic. Get feisty and go bold with a liquid liner for a bright pop of color! Use the same techniques, but branch out into a brighter color like a purple or teal. Make Up For EverUrban Decay and Stila all have gorgeous colors that will leave you purring for more!

Some products sent for review. Most purchased by moi. None tested on animals.

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  1. Im so gonna try this look tomorrow morning with my UD glide on thingie :)

  2. Rihanna and Angelina are truly the queens of cat-eyes.
    And I can totally recommend the big fat eye marker from NYX. Follow up with falsies and get even more cat-eyes!

  3. Love the SB powder liner in gunmetal--haven't tried the Ud but I love the Stila and MUFE liquid liners--so easy to use & waterproof!

  4. Sadly, my feline eye is always a tad cockeyed.  Thank you for the product recommendations.  I'll keep at it or abandon ship.

    Great picture of a feisty (nice adjective).  Would have loved to see the tail/kick.

  5. Love this post!  Thanks!


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