MAKE UP FOR EVER: New Aqua Liners

The other day I mentioned that bright eyeliners were one of THE trends for summer. MAKE UP FOR EVER just launched a full line of Aqua Liners, waterproof liners full of color and sparkle that are guaranteed to make your eyes pop.

They are available in 16 colors, ranging from silvery-white to pink to liquid gunmetal and everything in between. I was able to check out Diamond Gold, Iridescent Blue Lagoon and Iridescent Fuchsia before they hit the shelves at my Sephora.

Diamond Gold is a lighter color that is best suited for someone with tan or darker skin. This color is gorgeous, and only gets prettier the darker the skin tone. On me, it tends to become a more like an eye highlighter. It can give a really "natural with a bit of oomph" look to my fairer skinned friends.

(The Diamond Gold liner shows up, but only slightly. It's pretty for a natural look.)

Iridescent Fuchsia is honestly a color I don't know how to use. I would imagine that some people can pull off this really pretty pink, but I'm not one of them. It would look really cool if you double-lined your lid, once with black and once with this, using this color to exaggerate the line. (I can't do this on myself because I can't see out of one of my eyes without my glasses. I still need those breakaway glasses or a monocle to fix this problem.)

Iridescent Blue Lagoon is gorgeous. I wouldn't have thought that a bright green would make my blue eyes sing the way it does. It has a little bit of sparkle to it that just works. This is such a pretty color, I can't stop wearing it.

(I have no idea why my one eyebrow is raised. I didn't know I could do that. This is 6 hours after I applied the liner originally. My makeup looks just like it did when I put it on this morning.)

The best part is that these colors don't come off until you take them off. And that's easy with a little makeup remover, water and a wash cloth, with no scrubbing involved. Perfect!

MAKE UP FOR EVER doesn't test on animals. Product was sent for review.

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  1. Kelly, those eyelashes are AMAZING! And I love your haircolor--is it the lighting or is it new? It really accentuates your eyes.

  2. Thanks Mama! The hair around my face is now really, really dark and the rest is red. My lashes are courtesy of RevitaLash. It's amazing stuff!

  3. Gawd Dang Girl! You look ten years younger in this photo! You just keep getting better and better, I hoep Loxy appreciates how gorgeous his wife is!! The green/teal shade is amazing with your eye color!!

  4. Well, jeez! Thanks! You know how to make a girl's day get better.

  5. I soo need to buy that fuchsia! That's awesome. They're really pretty!


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