Mally Ginormous Lash is Not for the Faint of Heart

I am new to longer lashes, thanks to Revitalash. I've gone from stubby and invisble to very long and slightly lush. That said, I am constantly on the hunt to make the most of my new found lash loves.

Mally's Volumizing Mascara does a fantastic job. It gives you everything you need in a coat or two. It's almost perfection.

But if that isn't enough and you need more wow, more bang and more glam, then Ginormous Lash might be for you. To put it bluntly (sorry, Mama), this mascara will give you lashes you'll need a weed wacker to to groom.

The brush is thick and fluffy with wide spaces between chunks of bristles. This isn't mascara that you can swipe and go and be gorgois. This mascara is for those special ladies who want to bring the oomph. It is going to take a little practice.

 (My lashes with no mascara.)

Here is what I did. I applied one coat of Ginormous Lash. I then combed it out with a METAL lash comb. When I did this, there was some flaking that needed to be brushed away. Remember, this mascara out of the tube gives you lashes that need to be weed wacked. After that coat dried (more time than you would usually allow), I applied a second coat. Then I combed that out. A few flakes fell off after I combed  them the second time. I allowed them to fully dry (for a minute or two), before touching them or doing anything else.

(My lashes are amazing! In this pic, I am wearing Girnormous Lash,  Apricot Delish Long-Wear Lip System, Pink Satin Blush System, Foxy Shadow Stick Duo, & Brown Liner.)

My mascara wore perfectly, with curl, thickness and length for more than 12 hours. I took it off with my facial cleanser and water. I didn't have any flaking throughout the day. My lashes were rock solid and dramatic enough to have people stop me in elevators to ask if they were real.

The results are amazing. But it's not a one-coat-and-done mascara. If that is what you want, stick with the Volumizing Mascara. If you are willing to spend about 3-5 minutes on your mascara for lashes that wow, then give Ginormous Lash a try.

Product was sent for review. Mally Beauty doesn't test on animals.

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  1. Amazing!!! Your lashes are crazy long! Gorgeous!

  2. Wow, what a difference! Mally's Volumizing mascara is my fave but I might have to try this one.

  3. Whenever she's on QVC I want to try this mascara and then never do. It's AMAZING!

  4. wauwie look at those lashes!! amazing :)

  5. Wow, your eyelashes are touching your *eyebrows*! Very impressive.

  6. Hi there and thanks for this article. I like your lashes. I think i'm gonna buy this Mally Ginormous Lash, looks like she's doing her job.

  7. Wow... I mean... Wow...

    Looks like you're NEVER going to need false lashes. Those gals you've got there are plenty enough.

    0_0 That really is drama, right there. I wonder if I could ever get my lashes to be that fabulous?? You look GREAT!


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