Keep That Straight Blowout Perfect: Wrap Your Hair


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Go ahead WOC readers, get the giggles out of the way. We're all different and sometimes we don't know each other's beauty tricks. It's time we share how to prolong a blowout!

Why? Why not? Plus I've been getting requests for more goofy stories from my past. So why not combine the two?  Lately, wrapping your hair has been coming up often and none of my white friends (minus one southern chica) have ever heard of it. XOVain just covered this a few weeks ago in a great video here.
My hair is finally long enough to wrap and it works brilliantly on my fairly straight, coarse, white-girl hair. For instance, my hair was done this morning in 3 minutes flat and I've gotten nothing but hair love all day long.

(The official map of where I grew up. I know the cows are backwards. I'm no artist. Double click it to get all of the deets.)

But let's start this story from the beginning. When I moved to North Philly to go to Temple University, I was in for a learning experience. I had grown up in farm country. My house was surrounded by a wooded area with a lake, cow pastures (the cows sometimes escaped and my mom would chase them with a broom) and a corn field. It was the middle of nowhere, especially when I was growing up. It was one of those places that got excited when the blinking red light was installed, like What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

My new dorm, however, was not rural. It was the exact opposite. Like a lot of inner city schools, it wasn't in a prestigious neighborhood. To put it nicely, it was more like going to school on the set of The Wire (it's nicer now, so alumni peeps, back off). At the time, it was rough. I have stories for days. If I can figure out how to work in a bleeding Rastafarian, dancing at after-hours clubs with an Indian in a purple suit who tried to tell people he was Prince's manager and my love of Pink Champale with some new makeup collections, I'll be sure to share more stories.

Anywho. One of the first things my RA, Tiki, did was bring in THE stylist in North Philly to talk to us about doing our hair on the cheap without getting hurt (why she would do that, I don't know. I also never understood why a 10am appointment meant you'd be there until 9pm, but that's for another day). I learned how to give perms (the straightening kind, not the curling kind) and how to wrap hair at night.

(Me, Angie, 'Nessa + 2 guys who lived on the floor above us during a massive snowstorm that shut down Broad Street.)

My hair, would not wrap. It was longer by the end of the year and no dice. My hair needed to be styled every day. My roommates, who became like my sisters,  tried a few times and gave up.

And until recently, it would never work for me. Maybe it's me being clumsy, not previously understanding how bobby pins work or a serious lack of sleep.


However, not to be deterred from having really pretty, straight hair and getting extra sleep, I started trying to wrap my hair again recently (you can also call it rolling a doobie). One night recently, I totally discovered the secret to wrapping a lot of dry hair. You section it into ponytails and wrap one ponytail at a time. Why didn't Tracey tell me that?  I covered it with a silky scarf -channeling my inner Angie - and finally fell asleep, fully expecting my hair to be a hot mess the next morning.


(Hair wrapped, ready for a silky scarf and some extra zzz's! It's not perfect, but it's good enough.)

When I woke up, it was perfect!!! All I did was brush it out and add a little Thickening Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish for volume and movement. Sweet!

But how do you wrap your hair? Easy! I section it into two pony tails (but remove the elastics before wrapping). I then wrap one around my head, brushing it flat against my head. You pin as you go, using as many pins as needed. Next, wrap the other section around the head, continuing in the same direction, pinning as you go. Simple!

Angie would like me to point out that if you want to roll a doobie Puerto Rican-style, you can add a curler in the center of the wrapped hair, like in this video.

What are your beauty secrets that you think everyone knows about (but probably does not)? Share them in the comments! I'm wrapping my hair (every night I don't wear it wavy) just for an extra twenty minutes of sleep!

P.S.: In case you're curious, I'm wearing a new foundation from Laura Mercier, Smooth Finish Foundation Powder. I normally shy away from powder foundations, but this looks pretty great, even at the end of the day!

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  1. I am very disappointed that the Winnebago is not in the driveway. I demand a redo for the drawing please.

  2. great features!! one small observation - I didn't realize untl about 1 month ago that the squiggly side of the hair pin is supposed to go against the scalpt, just like you said. never. knew. this!!!

    1. Right? They work better that way and don't stab you in the head, as I always thought it would. SHOCKING!

  3. I have never heard of wrapping hair. I hate how mine looks all wavy after sleeping on it. I am going to have to try this. I don't think hair wrapping is an Anglo thing. I would love to save time in the a.m. by not having to fiddle with my hair.

  4. Kelly, you are my hair idol. I'm horrible at doing anything other than blow drying and flat ironing mine. I recently got the John Freida salon shape blow dry brush and it's changed my life. For real!
    I don't think my hair is long enough to wrap right now, but you can bet I will be trying this when it's a little longer!! Love the new LM foundation too! :)

    1. Thank you!!! My hair is certainly a work in progress- considering it started out as really rough, coarse, crinkled super short hair! Let me know if you try it -it saves so much time!!!

  5. Nice hair, with that hair every thing works well

    1. That's the weird part. My hair didn't use to be able to be smooth. It used to be coarse, rough and really unattractive. I've had a few Thermafuse treatments, which helped it go straighter, but they've long since worn off. I really think staying away from hot tools and washing without sulfates is what made the difference for my hair. My stylist has said on more than one occasion that she can't believe this is my hair. Here's a link to my hair before I ever had a thermafuse - this was after blowdrying and me trying to make it look nice.

  6. Thanks for sharing this information. If we wrap our hairs whether it leads to hair fall or not?

  7. I love your story about college. I laughed out loud! I wish my best friend could give me a perm, lol!


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