Rita Hazan Root Concealer Really Works

After stalking my local Sephora and asking twice per week if they had gotten in the Rita Hazan Root Concealer, I finally ordered it directly from Sephora.

If you don't know what Rita Hazan Root Concealer is and you have colored hair, then let me introduce you. Rita Hazan herself is the hair colorist guru behind the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams and Jessica Simpson (to name a few). She has created spray on hair color, when applied to the roots of your hair,  extends the time between salon visits.

The Root Concealer is available in four shades, which will cover almost everyone on the hair color spectrum. Once applied, I haven't had any problems with the color wearing off (even when brushed or re-styled a second day), flaking or changing the texture of my hair. I've even gone three days with one application and a few different styles. It didn't even budge when I got caught in some unexpected rain! Considering you can extend the time between visits to the salon, hence getting your hair colored less often, the $24 price tag is well worth it.

The applicator is a tiny nozzle that extends off of the cap, which is like any basic aerosol spray.  Here is where it takes a little practice.  The color comes out fast. It's like a mini-spray paint for your hair. I am not into the Joan Rivers Great Hair Day look. It's a fine look for some, but not for me. My issue is that it is a little tricky to apply the Root Concealer without covering your scalp. While I use 20+ products a day, I usually strive for a more natural look.

So to combat the super spray that comes out of the Root Concealer, here is what I did.

I removed (read: tore) the inside flap off of the top of my Urban Decay palette box. I then place the torn top over my part, completely covering my part and the left side of my hair, which exposes the right side of my roots, but not scalp. Follow me? Then I sprayed along the part.

Next, I flip over the box top, concealing the opposite side of my hair and scalp and spray the visible roots. I'm left with a mostly clean part, and no roots!

The first few times I used this color, I thought the red wasn't that red and that it didn't cover my gray roots very well. That is because I was afraid of the spray. If you are spray-shy, you won't get the best results. The Red color itself is a reddish brown, but if you don't adequately spray, you'll only get a light brown. So for best results, mask your skin and don't be afraid of the spray!

(Roots before.)

(Here is my coverage. It blends fairly well and no one would be the wiser!)

Have you used this? Love it or lump it? I am totally loving it!

I bought this.

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  1. Wow, that looks great, I need this--my next color appt. is about a month out and my grey is showing!
    Looks like great stuff!

  2. Thanks for the review and great pictures. I had not heard of this, but I am intrigued, even if the spray cares me a little. I've been using Touchback grey coverup, which comes in a pen, like a magic marker. It also comes with a wee comb so you can lift the hair at the roots and color it on top of the comb.


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