Truly Effortless Extensions

Have you seen these Effortless Extensions on television? Here is the gist. They are hair extensions that don't use any clips, combs or glue and stay perfectly in place all day. Too good to be true?

Here's the a portion of the infomercial if you aren't familiar with these extensions.

These are kind of awesome, right? I had to try them out. I selected a Straight style in 30, which is a light auburn. It's a little lighter than I had expected, but it is a pretty color.

Here is how these extensions attach. It's so easy. Basically, there is a heavy duty monofilament line that attaches on either end of the extensions. You place the line around the crown of your head and let it fall into place naturally.

Then, using your fingers or a pointed comb, pull your own hair out from under the line and blend the extensions into your own hair. You can style these to go with whatever your style is - use a hairdryer, curling iron, flat iron, whatever. Just be sure to set the heat on a lower setting so you don't damage the hair.

(You can't even see the monofilament line.)

The hair itself is a little on the shiny side, but add a little hairspray or dry shampoo and you won't have a problem having the hair match with your own hair. I showed it to my stylist, and she totally agreed that the right preexisting hairstyle and a little something to de-shine the hair, these are pretty ingenious.

I expected the monofilament line to hurt my scalp, but it didn't at all. These extensions actually feel incredibly comfortable, without the pressure, pulling or heaviness of traditional comb or clip-in extensions. I was shocked by how comfortable these actually were. The monofilament is only slightly visible at your part, which is undetectable to the normal eyes of others.

Like with most extensions, you have to have the right preexisting haircut for this type of extension to work with your hair. Since you aren't adding layers throughout your hair, it's important that your natural hair is basically right around shoulder length or longer and not particularly blunt. Hair shorter than that is likely to give a mullet-ed look, which I am fairly certain no one wants.

If you are looking for a way to add length and don't want to damage your existing hair (either by permanent extensions or the tension caused by clips), this is for you. If you don't like the weight or breathability of partial caps, or the pressure of clips and combs, this is for you. It can literally be put on in less than a minute, if all of your hair is styled to work together.

(My hair doesn't quite work with these yet, but looks nice when I pull back my sides!)

I played Dance Central on the Kinect (Rump Shaker, Hard Level, if you were curious) while wearing this and had no issues with it staying in place. As long as you aren't flipping your head upside down or swinging your head around pole dancer style, these will stay in place. For average activity, where your head stays upright, you won't have an issue. They are even comfortable to nap in. The synthetic extensions sell for about $70 and human hair extensions retail for about $350.

If extensions are calling your name, definitely check out Effortless Extensions first.

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  1. I like this concept!! I love how they look on you! Very cute pulled back.

  2. Wow amazing information you have shared out here and great concept...

  3. I always excercise a bit of skepticism if I see something in an infomercial. These look great on you, though!

  4. Great review, it seems interesting. :)

  5. I purchased them and am not happy at all.  First, it took over a month to get them, and once I did I was very disappointed. You can see the clear band no matter how much hair you try to pull over it. The thick piece of material that all the hair is sewn onto sticks out and it constantly falls.  Not to mention the color i thought I chose and the color I received were totally different.  i would most definitely not recommend effortless extensions...In my opinion they are garbage..

  6. Did you contact the company to return them? I definitely don't have the
    problems with mine that you do with yours.

  7. These wont work because you can clearly see the piece of material that all the hair is sewn onto if you bend your head or if the wind blows..there is no hiding that even if its under your hair.


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