New Ways to Fight Dark Circles and Fine Lines

I shop for cosmetics. A lot. I talk to artists, estheticians and PR folks on a daily basis and there are a few areas that come up constantly in conversation. While Skin Perfectors and Radiance Boosters come up on a daily basis, new ways to fight under-eye issues are being improved are on the market now.

There are several reasons you can have dark circles. It could be stress, lack of sleep or poor diet. But the most common reason for serious dark circles is a pooling of blood that leaks from capillaries under the thin skin surrounding the eye. Old technology used Vitamin K to combat those dreaded circles. Now there have been advancements that may not only help fight the dark circles, but also improve the look of the skin under the eye, as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And while not all puffiness can be reduced through treatments applied to the skin, many types of this under-eye inflammation can.

Newer products contain ingredients like Chrysin, scientifically proven to be an anti-inflammatory and intelligent peptides that can help reduce other under-eye issues, like fine lines and dark circles. Ingredients like Gamma-linolenic acid can help strengthen the skin under the eye, reducing the appearance of dark circles. What this adds up to is moving away from what was thought to be one the best treatments, Vitamin K, into a new way of thinking about treating the under-eye area.

Want to check out these newer products? Two you can try are Jan Marini Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense or Beautisol's Bright Eyed.

I have tried both and while I don't suffer from extreme dark circles, I definitely saw an improvement in fine lines and brightness under my eyes. However, as with any cosmetic product, consistent use is key to successful treatment.

Have you tried either of these? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Awesome...will definitely use your advice.

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  2. There is always an apprehension when trying a new product.In these times it is possible with a review and a guidance available...will try surely.


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