Getting Ready To Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag? Check These Out First!

by Anne Houseman, Beauty Xpose

(Notice the dirty nap on the faux suede top.)

As a woman who spends hundreds of dollars on the latest makeup collections, it seems absurd that I somehow never get around to properly housing my wares. Of course, I have a train case and numerous makeup bags scored "free with purchase" from many an Estee Lauder counter over the years, but I've still been carting around my "primary" set of makeup (the essentials of what I plan to wear that day) in a sad little makeup bag that has seen many better days.

You already have your eye on the upcoming spring cosmetic collections, but have you thought about where to stash your new goodies? Give your hum-drum makeup bag a spring cleaning, and snag one of these cute cosmetic cases for stashing your beauty treasures.

1. Makeup Bag in Quilted VinesCarissa Black: $20

Carissa Black

2. Kiss and Make Up Cosmetic in Lemon ParfaitVera Bradley: $28


3. MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Pretty Nylon Mini’ Cosmetic BagNordstrom: $48

marc by marc jacobs makeup bag

4. Tory Burch Medium Patent Cosmetic CaseBloomingdale’s: $75

tory burch makeup bag

5. Kate Spade Funfetti Medium Flat Pouch Cosmetic $95

kate spade cosmetic case

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  1. Anne, please tell me that your entire makeup collection doesn't fit in this bag. Does it? :-)


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