Botox in a Bottle Cleanser? ThermaSkin Anti-Aging Soap

I recently saw some ad copy on a website and said, "I have to try this," if for no other reason than proving that you can't always believe what you read. I shouldn't have to tell you that currently, topical Botox doesn't exist. Loads of people advertise that it does, but chat with a cosmetic chemist or two and you will quickly discover it's more hype than help.

But in the meantime, here is a little experiment I did with a cleanser from which claimed to be Botox in a bottle, ThermaSkin Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser. This cleanser doesn't contain traditional soap. Instead it contains "tiny doses of natural capsaicin with exotic botanicals that literally fix your skin by increasing circulation and absorption". The exotic botanicals listed on the label include Castile Liquid Soap, Clary Sage Water, Cucumber Water, Green Tea, Jewelweed, Cranesbill Root, Rosemary Oleoresin, Thyme, Oleoresin Capsicum, Witch Hazel and Vegetable Glycerin.

I used the cleanser for two weeks on one side of my face (on the other, I used Bare Escentuals). At the end, was there a difference?


Both sides looked to be about the same.

However, I did enjoy the ThermaSkin cleanser. It left my face feeling very clean, although it did leave a small amount of moisturizing film behind. My skin looked healthy and fairly radiant, as usual. The main ingredient, Castile soap, is a time-proven cleanser that uses olive oil and dates back to the 1600's. Is this cleanser better than Botox? No. But it is a decent cleanser that leaves your skin clean and healthy. Just please make sure you don't apply to damaged skin or have allergies to any of the ingredients listed above before using.

Have you used any skin care products with pepper? Tell me in the comments!

This product was sent to me for review. Greensations and Youthful Trends do not test on animals.

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