Do You Need It? New Beauty Hitting Shelves This September

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This week is a big launch week for several products. Most of them are priced higher than I'm willing to spend at the moment. But what about you? Picking up or passing?

Let's start with the shadows that are making the bloggers drool. Make Up For Ever is launching their 30th Anniversary kit this week. It contains thirty shadows, all in the new formula. If you haven't tried the new Artist Shadows, you need to get on that. They are gorgeous. But do you need thirty of them? If they arrived on my doorstop, I wouldn't kick them out of bed. But I don't know that I'd pay the premium (and pro discounts don't work on this kit). The shadows are only $8.33 each, where they are normally $22 each, so there is that... If you need an overhaul or a pro kit, snag it for $250.

Or keep the cash and grab this LE Artist Palette for $42. It contains eight of the new shades (at $5.25 each!) and will get you through fall.

Do you have trouble getting a flawless face when you apply your foundation? I'm not exactly sure how this works, but Color Me has launched a new foundation applicator (exclusively at Ulta) that you may want to check out. For $50, you can get a pulsating applicator that promises a faster and better application. I don't even know what to think about this one. If you've tried it, please write in. I'm certainly curious (and my Ulta didn't have it in on the floor as of my visit yesterday.)

Still looking for a steal or for something to pep up your September? Rekindle your love of bareMinerals original shadows with this amazing Two For The Show Collection for $39. You'll get all of the shades that captured the hearts of die hard mineral fans from years ago. The sets can be broken up into neutrals and metallics that you can split up or keep for yourself. I'm not personally sure why you would ever split Queen Phyllis from her Sex Kitten...

Still not what you're looking for? LORAC has new PRO Matte Lip Colors that aren't drying and color beautifully, without being harsh. To me, they strike me as very Downton Abbey rather than Fashion Week in their appearance. They pack enough of a pigmented punch to work on dark or lighter skin tones, too. Grab your favorite for $16.

I'm snatching that new MUFE Artist Palette... what about you?

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  1. Beautiful Make Up For Ever colors... I don't think I can afford $8 a color, but they are very tempting! I've never tried BareMinerals eyeshadow but love the loose powder. Does it have staying power?

  2. Hi Kelly. Not sure about this foundation applicator from Ulta but I have something similar. It's called Touch Face and it's a Korean product. I have a really hard time with any foundation application other than powder. I have large pores and I can never get a cream or liquid, etc, applied and blended before it starts sinking into my pores......visibly. Enter the Touch Face. I can't remember how I discovered it but am I ever glad I did! I've had it for about 2 years and it's fantastic. It's a sturdy little tool and battery operated. Basically, it applies your product in a very, very fast "tapping" kind of motion. It comes with two types of applicators that go on the same head. One is a sponge for foundation and one is silicone for skin care. Extras are included and both are easily removed for cleaning. It also comes in different sizes. It sounds kind of strange but it really works. Or at least it does for me and people like me that have a hard time with perfect base application. It applies the product beautifully and seamlessly without caking. Anyway, I know your post is about the one available at Ulta but I just wanted to say if it's anything like the Touch Face, give it a try. You might be surprised.


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