Summer Tips, Finds and Tricks

Here are some tips I have discovered for the new products that have come out for the summer season (and some reminders about old favorites).

Want to make your eyes pop even more? After you apply mascara, while it's still wet, add Tan Lines, a beautiful bronze shadow from Fusion of Color, to a flat, wide eye shadow brush. Carefully blink your wet lashes into the mascara and voila! Noticeably tan lashes that beam bronze. Try it!

Want to add the appearance of diamonds to the end of your lashes? Save thousands and use Tarina Tarantino's Sparklecity Pure instead. You only need a little bit and it looks really pretty. It's like a little surprise for your lashes!

Check out Dalton's Illuminizing Brightening Wand. With a quick swipe of the pointed tip applicator, you can get a gorgeous bit of glow around your eyes! This color isn't quite white and it isn't quite gold. It's more like a peachy/flesh-toned shimmer with a touch of platinum. I swear it changes color a bit once you apply it.

It doesn't really add a color around your eyes, it is more of a pigment that reflects the light to brighten your eyes. It can work as a shadow or as an easy way to add a shimmery rim around your eyes or play up the inner corner. Keep it in your purse to dot above the bow of your lips- it will make your pout stand out. Beauteous!

While not summer specific, I recently picked up Too Faced's Lip Insurance Lip Primer, which actually extends the life of lip gloss to something respectable. Who doesn't want a perfect pout in the summer? This primer extended the life of my gloss up to two hours (from twenty minutes). It couldn't be easier to be lovely and lax at the same time!

My new lip stick obsession is NARS Love Devotion. I went to Sephora one afternoon intent on finding a lip stick color I don't already own (which is nearly impossible). After about an hour, I settled on Love Devotion.

It's a bright mango color that goes on much more sheer than you would anticipate. It looks beautiful and is a nice change from my other summer colors.

Your hands might just show your age more than any other body part. Protect them by swiping on an SPF each morning for protection during your morning drive. Even better, keep something that is affected by heat, like bareMinerals Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen, in the car (or in your purse) at all times. This SPF and brush combo are a quick way to make sure your hands and décolleté can be protected at all times. Remember, no product in the world will do more to prevent aging than a sunscreen!

(Paul & Joe Beauté Eye Gloss in Celestial, swatched. Gorgeous!)

Be sure to pick up Paul and Joe Beaute' Eye Gloss. The Eye Gloss will give your eyes a shimmery gleam that doesn't fade. This goes perfect with a matte bronzer and a deeply-hued glossy lip for a perfect night out after a day at the beach.

Finally, don't forget about two of my favorite face luminizers from Fresh: Twilight and High Noon. Twilight adds a beautiful platinum sheen to your skin and High Noon adds a tranquil golden color. You can't go wrong with either of these (and they smell fantastic!). They are both perfect for a fast, fresh face!

I purchased all of the above products with the exception of Tan Lines by Fusion of Color and the Dalton Brightening Wand, which were sent to me for the purposes of review.

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  1. Great products, I also shared some of my favorite summer colors on my blog :)


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