Primer Wars: Clinique, Jan Marini, Avon, LORAC, Sephora & Korres

I have been testing face primers for what seems like forever, in an attempt to find the primer that forces your makeup to stay in place all day. I am not looking for the primer that feels the nicest, gets ride of pores or does other magical things to your skin. I am only looking for the primer that makes your face stay in place throughout an eight hour day.

Here are the a few of the primers in Round One:

LORAC AquaPrime vs. Sephora Collection Primer

Korres Anti-Aging Primer vs. Jan Marini Age Intervention Primer

Avon Magix vs. Clinique Pore Perfector

I wore each of these primers on one side of my face and got multiple opinions on which one worked better. But, because everyone has their own opinion, I am giving you the chance to vote (based on your experience). If a primer gets the majority of the votes and isn't the primer that won my test, I will grant it a stay and it will remain in the competition. This means it will live another day to compete against a different primer.

Here are the results of my testing. Be sure to vote to save your favorite, if it wasn't the winner in my test.

LORAC AquaPrime beat Sephora Collection Primer hands down. AquaPrime is different because is is a thin, clear primer, with a watery feel. It definitely doesn't have the usual primer consistency, no matter what primer you use.

Korres Quercetin & Oak Age Reversing Primer beat out Jan Marini. Personally, I like the feeling of a silicone-based primer, but the Korres clearly performed better by the end of the day. Both of these primers have the ability to perform double duty and help reverse the daily damage that shows, but in the end, Korres was my winner.

This one wasn't hard for me to pick, but I have a feeling either way this could have turned out, the primer knocked out in the first round will get a save by the fans. Both Clinique's Pore Perfector and Avon's MagiX have an army of fans that stand behind them.

When I tested them side by side, the Avon MagiX was victorious. Avon MagiX is a primer that can be worn on its own for a smoothed out look, sans coverage or under makeup for serious hold. It smooths out lines and fills in pores. It's definitely one of my favorites.

Please vote and RT to make sure your favorite brand doesn't get voted out! Voting will be tabulated in seven days. Check back for more Primer Wars soon!

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