Smashbox Makeover with Artist Tyler Deschanel + 20% Off of Everything Online!

I recently had a chance to get a makeover from Smashbox Artist Tyler Deschanel. I had popped by the counter to check out a foundation to cover the blotchy mess my skin had become and ended up getting a really fun look for the season. Sadly, the after pics don't do it justice, but here is what Tyler used:

Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation
Brow Tech in Auburn
Naked Beauty Highlights Cream Blush duo
Halo Perfecting Bronzer
Cream Eye Liner in Midnight Purple
Delightful Lipstick
Limitless Wear Lipgloss in Nonstop

(It looked great. You will just have to trust me. My new phone cam lacks ability.)

I loved the foundation! Loved it! (I have been wearing it almost daily for a few weeks!) It gave me full coverage, which means none of the blotchies showed through while still looking totally natural. I have been having a problem with foundations staying a true color on my skin lately and this wore beautifully. I don't really wear heavier foundations often, but this was really nice! And much to my surprise, it lasted through the day and when I went out for dinner. The gel liner also had great staying power, as did the eye shadow.

He also gave me two great tips. The first is applying the perfect eyeshadow. Take a soft domed brush and apply your crease color by touching the top of the domed brush into the outer corner of your eye. Then lightly fan a bit of it in towards the middle. It gives you a perfect crease every time!

His other suggestion was about blush. Tyler said he likes to put a pop of color on the apples of the cheeks, not swept back towards the hairline. "It doesn't look modern to apply a bright color to the back side of your cheek bone. I like to add a little bronzer there to help make the apple pop and the cheek bone look sculpted." Blush is one thing I get a lot of questions about and this tip is definitely an easy way to get gorgeous, defined cheeks!

The two products that piqued my interest? The claim that the Halo Bronzer can plump fine lines because of hyaluronic acid and the claim that their new lip gloss, Limitless Long Wear, lasts six hours. If it lasts for 3 hours without a primer, then it should get a medal. I would love to test these claims in a Prove It! post. Stay tuned- I will let you know if their products live up to their promises!

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  1. lovely!! I especially love the blush color on you!


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