Aromaleigh Victoria's Revenge Eye Shadow Collection

Aromaleigh just launched their first new eye shadow collection since last year. It's a 25-shade collection called Victoria's Revenge, inspired by John Galliano's Spring 2010 Collection, Emilie Autumn's steampunk girlie asylum girl Victoriana stage set and show and a stunning spread in Numero Magazine.

(photo courtesy of Miss K's Blog and Numero Magazine.)

The colors all have names like Ruthless Indulgence, Skeleton Key, Phantasm, Freakshow and Cyanide Sorrow. The colors, for the most part, glitter in their darkness and evoke all things steampunk. These colors are seriously complex and are one of the most intense, fashion-inspired collections to come out of a house of makeup, let alone indie mineral makeup. For more info on what inspired this collection, check this out.

(Top: Poison Utopia, Bottom: Gaslight Tears. Both are shown dry.)

I fell in love with the first two colors I picked up - Poison Utopia and Gaslight Tears. Poison Utopia is a deep, dark purple that glitters intensely with shards of lavender and fuchsia. Gaslight Tears is a lighter purplish gray that also teems with sparkle.

Here is a quick look I did using Poison Utopia, Gaslight Tears, Mania's Locus and Ruthless Indulgence. Gaslight Tears is in the inner corner, Mania's Locus is on the outer corner, Ruthless Indulgence is blended slightly into the corner and Poison Utopia is used as a liner (wet) along the top row of lashes. While these colors are strong on their own, for this look I blended them out to be slightly more sheer.

I also used Ruthless Indulgence on the tips of my lashes to add a little sparkle and thickness. I first applied a mascara with a long dry down time (I used Mally's Volumizing Mascara) and then touched my lashes to a flat brush. The lashes still looked dark, but when the light hit them in a special way, they glinted with deep purple. Because the mascara was wet when I applied the shadow, I had no problem with fallout.

I love this collection and will try to swatch the colors for you as soon as possible. It should be available on Aromaleigh's website any second and should be scooped up before you can say Oscar Wilde.

Update! Aromoleigh has now added detailed photos and swatches here. Love this!

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