End of May Hair Update: Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Care

Impatient with trying to grow my hair to bombshell lengths, I recently sought help from Peter Lamas, a renowned hairstylist and creator of the Chinese Herbs line. His impressive clientele includes the likes of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy.

(My hair, at the end of April.)

(My hair now, at the end of May.)

Peter's line, Chinese Herbs, helps stimulate the scalp to grow thicker, healthier hair. But can a shampoo and conditioner really make a difference for me as I try to grow my hair longer and faster? According to my research, hair grows about a half inch (on average) per month. So after 32 days of using Chinese Herbs, how much growth did I see?

Before I tell you, I have to explain that typical results with Chinese Herbs are usually apparent after two to three months, but users can often see results much faster than that. My hair normally grows slightly more than a half of an inch per month. I usually have to color my hair every three to four weeks to keep up with new growth.

In the month I used Chinese Herbs, my hair grew about 7/8 of an inch. (Yes, I pulled out hair and measured!). That is fast! So fast in fact, my hairdresser jokingly mocked that if my hair is growing too fast for me to financially keep up with coloring it, I should stop using the Chinese Herbs! For the record, I am using only the Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Cream and Revitalizing Mist. I am not using the Serum.

(My hair growth after 32 days using Chinese Herbs. Now let's pretend you never saw that color hair coming out of ME, ok? Thanks.)

As I was seeing such amazing results I wanted to chat with Peter to find out exactly how the Chinese Herbs line works. Here's a portion of our chat:

GR: So far, I am seeing some pretty amazing results after using the Chinese Herbs Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray for a few weeks. I understand it is stimulating the scalp, but I'm already seeing results! How does it work?

PL: Chinese Herbs products are based on the known results that Chinese medicine has yielded for centuries. We combined smart science with natural ingredients to help create a product that gives men and women thicker, stronger, more beautiful hair. The fact that your hair is growing faster is a side effect of having a healthy, stimulated scalp. You need both smart science and natural, proven ingredients. Nature can't do it alone. Together, the two can produce amazing, beautiful hair.

GR: What makes Chinese Herbs different from other scalp stimulating products?

PL: Simply put, the formula we have created acts similar to the way that the cholesterol- lowering drugs work. It breaks up the sebum that is clogging your follicle, allowing your hair to grow in a healthy manner - revitalized, strong and beautiful. Our hair ages like our bodies do and this formula is like serious skin care for your hair.

GR: What is one thing women can do to improve the quality of their hair?

PL: Never, and I mean ever, wrap a towel around wet hair. Hair becomes like barbed wire, sticking to itself. When you brush through your hair after removing the towel, you literally rip and tear strands of your hair. It is one of the most damaging things women do without realizing it.

GR: With so many products on the market, what inspired you to create something using Chinese Medicine instead of some of the current chemical ingredients showing up everywhere?

PL: I had watched environmental factors play a detrimental role in the lives of many women, including my own mother. We have to be very careful of the products we use. Some ingredients, like parabens, are still approved for use, despite the building evidence they may in fact be harmful. I want to help women be their most beautiful self; healthy, strong and vibrant. I create products to safely do just that.

(photo courtesy of The Court Yard Hounds & Sony Music)

I can't believe how fast my hair has grown. At this rate, it should hit my shoulders by Thanksgiving. I think my new hairspiration is going to be Emily Robison from the Court Yard Hounds. I have no clue how you deal with that much hair, but since it's growing this fast, I might just get there and be forced to learn! Have you tried any of Peter Lamas' products? Tell me in the comments!

Products were sent to me for the purposes of review.

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  1. Wow, that's quite a difference and it looks great on you! Do you know if the website you linked is the only place to purchase this?

  2. Check out this link - it gives a store location map!

  3. I'm scared to ask how much all these products cost... but I'm going to any way.... So Uh, how much??? LOL!

  4. The products I used were $22 for the shampoo, $20 for the conditioner and $20 for the Mist. The serum (which I hear great things about what it does, but haven't tried it) is $45. It definitely isn't cheap when compared to a drug store brand, but it did make my hair grow much faster. I am hoping to keep using it as my hair grows.

  5. I should add that I have been using it for 5 weeks now and I still have about half (if not more) left. I also have fairly short hair, which may alter how long the product lasts.

  6. Your blog is very interesting and I will definitely visit again

  7. Ive been hunting down reviews for days and I'm really stuck on this shampoo and conditioner. Like everyone else Im scared to do this and waste my money..but I'm going to give it a shot. I REALLY enjoyed reading your review! Thanks for the heads up you're doing great!

  8. You can get the whole system (5 products) for a stealing deal of $55, at: www.ideeli.com/invite/nikulya7.
    I just bought it.. and cant wait to try it!

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