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As the warmer weather hits, I have been spending a lot of time looking into what's new on the bronzer market. I'm super fair and don't really spend too much time trying to fake it, but every now and then, it's a nice change from my normal pale self.

The first bronzer I found that I am currently digging comes from a Brit-based mineral makeup line, Lily Lolo. This bronzer and shimmer, aptly titled Waikiki, falls into the truly bronze (although on the light side) category. This is the kind of bronze you reach for to add a little sunny sheen, mimic that high fashion sunset gleam or emulate JLo. It's great for fair ladies like myself who want to add a glow, not a muddy streak of dark bronze.

This shade is a light yellowy-bronze and has a serious sheen. It looks different in every lighting situation, so it's hard to take a photo that actually captures the color. It's $22 and is available at

(In natural light, by a window.)

(Outside, on an overcast day. I'm also wearing Skinny Latte gloss.)

I am known for making Loxy nuts, constantly stopping the DVR during a show and saying something like, "Hey Loxy! Doesn't that look like the lip gloss I just reviewed last week?" Loxy tries to be helpful, but usually says something like, "Yeah! It looks like the new color from Bare Tarina or Smashmouth. I don't know. I'M A BOY!" Needless to say, I spend a lot of time hunting down who wore what or something like it on a variety of TV shows.

(Gabrielle Anwar at a Marie Claire event. Photo courtesy of Marie Claire)

One of the glosses I covet is worn by the character Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) on Burn Notice. While she does need to eat a sandwich, she always looks hot. She wears a nude/bronze/natural gloss quite often on the show. It's slightly reflective, but not too much. It has a little color that makes her bronze skin stand out, but she looks natural. While I have no proof that it is the color Gabrielle wears on the show, it certainly looks like Skinny Latte, by Lily Lolo. The gloss is on the thicker side, so it fills in faint lip lines (when you aren't puckering!) and it hugs the lips. It's made with Vitamin E and Jojoba to keep your lips soft. It is more smooth than tacky, so I don't think it would be an extreme hair magnet for my long haired friends (I am getting closer to joining you every day!) This gloss, for me, wears for an extended amount of time. And by extended, I mean I am getting about an hour out of each application. Not too shabby!

(Skinny Latte Lip Gloss)

The gloss is available from Lily Lolo for $15.98. The gloss and the bronzer are both cruelty free, which I am appreciating more and more every day. Even better, save 20% on everything until 7/30/2010 by using checkout code LILIYLOLOSPRING2. Happy shopping! Let me know what you hauled or what bronzer I should check out next!

P.S. - After watching the AI finale, Skinny Latte also reminded me of what Carrie Underwood was wearing in the big group number. I'm not saying Carrie was wearing Lily Lolo, but it looked like she could be!

This product was provided for the purposes of review.

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