My First Time: My Own Hair Makeover

Partially inspired by hair extensions that were a bit too light and wanting to warm up my hair color for spring, I decided to chat with my stylist, Bethany at Balance the Salon. I wanted to figure out what would be involved with changing the color of my hair. I have always colored my hair at home and am the go-to girl for simple at-home hair color for my friends. Since I have to color my short hair every three weeks, I just can't afford salon color. But this was a big job and despite what I have accomplished in the past, changing my color was officially above my pay grade.

Last fall, I went from bright red a dark ash brown on my own at home. Anyone with any color know-how will tell you not to do that at home. Going from warm to cool colors, or vice-versa, runs the risk of getting green or gray hair. By the grace of the hair gods, my hair turned out a lovely color, but like every other beauty change I make, I grow tired of it within months. It's why clip-on hair extensions like these are perfect for me.

So I decided to ask my stylist what she thought of changing my color. While normally, she gives me tips on how not to screw up my home color, this time, she was really honest, cautioning me against doing it myself. (She kindly implied, "Don't even try it. It'll be hard for me to fix.") To safely take my color from a cool ash brown to a warm, chocolaty color, she would need to bleach out my entire head, add a new color and maybe some highlights. This process would take over 3 hours, but would leave me ready for summer. Deciding it was time for me to go from a haircolor-girl to a haircolor-woman, I booked the next available slot.

We started by bleaching out my whole head. Somehow, my hair lifted to a really pretty reddish brown with highlights. Go figure. While we were all secretly tempted to leave it there, Bethany decided to add an all over reddish brown hair color and some strategically placed highlights. I normally am not a fan on highlights that stem from the part. I think they look like tiger stripes, which is fine for some, but not my cup of tea. Bethany placed highlights under the top layer of my hair, so they peek out, depending on how my hair falls. Plus, as they grow out, I won't have the telltale roots.

Bethany finished my hair with some Davine's Defining Relaxing Fluid, which helped my hair fall really straight, giving it the ability to "swish" when I shake my head. It's made with Panthenol and Meadowfoam Oil and leaves your hair super shiny, protects it from heat styling and leaves it really straight. You gotta love that.

I am loving my new color, but what is surprising to me the most is all of the compliments I am getting about how long my hair looks now. More than a few people have actually stopped me and asked if my hair is all mine or if I added a few extensions. While I can assure you it is from the carefully placed highlights, the end result is hair that looks significantly longer than it did when I entered the salon.

If you want to warm up your hair for Spring or give your growing hair the illusion of being longer (and finally feel like you are actually getting somewhere with your hair growth!), have your stylist add similar highlights. Or if you're in Baltimore, call Bethany at Balance for yourself. (Just don't all call at once or I won't be able to get in again.)

Are you thinking of changing your look? Or doing something drastic to your haircolor? Tell me in the comments!

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