Beauty Essentials For Long Summer Weekends

Grab your tote and hit the road! Just make sure you've packed a few essential items to stay gorgeous along the way.

Drip Dry: The phrase "wash and go" has never meant anything to me. That all changes when you start styling your hair in the shower. Living Proof's New Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler is actually the answer to summer hair. Here's how it works: Wash and condition as usual. Apply a little bit of the thick cream to your hair, from roots to ends. Then rinse lightly, making sure not to wash the product out. Comb your hair and scrunch. Now don't touch it until it's actually dry. For me, that means a little crunchy feeling. My hair hardens into a light weight shell and once that shell is 100% dry, I smooth it out and a left with super glossy, non-frizzy hair. I can't believe it works this well, especially on my very frizzy, very straight hair. While I don't get beautiful curls, I do get a slight wave and no frizz without any effort. // $24.00

Faux IngĂ©nue : If you happen to see the Metallic Mattes in HD Gleam from Revlon, grab it. It's a beautiful shade of your lips but better, in a really light metallic, see through pink. It's too pretty to pass up and works anytime you need to look innocent. // $8.00

Be The Beach: Fake good hair with a little extra texture.  Try this Sea Salt Spray from KeraBotanica ($22.00), You Had Me At Hello. It will add a bit of baby texture and a sweet scent to your style, without overpowering anything. Want more texture? Step it up with Ecru's Dry Texture Spray ($26.00). A combo of texture and hold, this light spray adds volume and texture without any heavy buildup.

Golden Girl Forever: Stila's Heaven's Hue Highlighter is trying to trick you. Sure, two of the three shades work well as highlighters, but for pale girls, the Bronze is everything. It's such a light, golden shade, it works on eyes, cheeks and even as a little pop of summer if you brush it onto your hair. This would also be a gorgeous golden shade on darker skin tones as well. And it doubles as a shadow! // $32.00

Glow-getter: Don't leave home without a way to renew your glow. Pixi makes it easy to glow on the go with their Glow Tonic, Glow-On-The-Go AHA Wipes or the new Peel and Polish. Finish up your fresh face with GelTint and SilkGloss Lippies in long-wearing colors!

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  1. I'm so fascinated by that Living Proof product. That could be a real game changer for me.

  2. What WHAT?! This post may have changed my life. That LP in-shower hair styler! And a dry shampoo that doubles as a hair spray!? OMG. Plus that bronzer. I actually have the other two highlighters, which are FABULOUS, but skipped the bronzer type. I may have to get that one now!


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