My Favorite Frizz Fighter Right Now

A few weeks ago, I had had it with my dry hair. My locks go through stages of being lovely and then going to complete garbage. Apparently, there is some moveable moisture threshold that my hair lives and dies by and because I'm not a hair scientist, I can't figure it out.

When I use a product like Darshana, which is a magical elixir, my hair is great. However, I can't afford to live on Darshana. So instead, I marched into a store I can afford, which happens to be Sally's, and begged for help from the first person who said, "Welcome to...".

"Feel my hair and help me, please. It's super dry and my normal tricks aren't working."

"I know what you need", said the really nice woman working behind the counter, who was not as excited about touching my hair as I expected*. And then she winked, like some kind of magical Santa Claus who could fix my hair with a mere boop on the nose and turned to pick up something to fix my hair.

She quickly plopped a jar of As I Am Coconut Co-Wash, a product I had raved about a few years ago. I immediately knew I needed more from a hair product and asked her for the secret sauce that would make my hair feel pretty again. There has to be something behind the counter they keep for emergencies, right?

She then produced a jar of  Honey Miracle Hair Mask Deep Conditioner by TGIN and promised that I would come back to the store and thank her for the secret sauce fix to my hair woes. TGIN stands for Thank God It's Natural,  if you were wondering.  I was hoping for some kind of scientific development that would alter my hair for the better. Natural? Fine. I left feeling deflated and bummed that I bought something all natural and something I'd already used.

Then I used the combo once and my hair was really nice. The first time is always nice, right. I packed up my heavy jars and took them to Denver (side note: ask me more about my trip and TGIN in person), so I could keep up with my journey to have nicer hair.

So after a month of using TGIN and As I Am Co-Wash, I happily admit that my hair feels like what I have to describe as "unicorn-mane worthy". It's soft, it swings, there is zero frizz and I haven't even flat ironed it yet with my magical steam iron. My hair feels so amazing that I'm certain I can hear angels singing "ahhhh" when I toss my hair, complete with glitter trail and a sarcastic unicorn that follows me everywhere I go.

Try As I Am Co-Wash for $11. You can find it in store in many Targets, Walmarts and Sally's, if online isn't your thing.

Try the TGIN Honey Miracle Mask Deep Conditioning Treatment for $16. You can find it on shelves at Sally's, too.

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  1. it sounds like I have a trip to Sally's in my near future!

  2. Oh wow, my hair needed this post--thank you! Off to shop!

  3. My hair is sooo dry right now. I need some secret sauce in my life ASAP.

  4. I'm all for trying new frizz fighters!

  5. These are total staples in the natural hair community. I love TGIN products!

  6. sounds like i need to make a stop at Sally' you use the coconut co wash first then follow up with the tgin honey mask? How do you use the two products....thanks

    1. I wash with As I Am and then use TGIN as a mask for 20 minutes (or sometimes, I sleep with it on my hair). It makes such a huge difference. I just ran out last night and I'm buying more TODAY.


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