Make This Tonight: 3 Point Cherry Cupcakes

Cherry cupcakes with chocolate are delicious!

Happy Friday, little sisters!

Did you try Grinding to stop yourself from making bad decisions? Not only is it working for me, it's also cracking me (and my husband) up every time I say it out loud. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out last week's post for all of the details.

Chocolate and Cherry cupcakes are my favorite!

This week, I've got a cupcake (or cake) recipe that is my new obsession. Full disclosure: it's one of those "better living through chemistry" recipes, instead of one of those "better living through coconut flour and natural yeast" recipes. Trust me. It's delicious, super easy and satisfies that need for sweets. And each cupcake is a little less than three points.

Here's what you'll need:

Sugar-free yellow cake mix
10 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper
2/3 cup lite cherry pie filling, divided into thirds
Baking cups for the cupcakes
Baker's dark chocolate, 2 squares

Here's what to do:

Empty cake mix into a bowl.
Add 10 oz of diet Dr. Pepper slowly to the mix, stir gently until fully blended.
Add 1/3 cup of cherry pie filling and stir.

Pre-heat the oven to the temperature on the box. Fill cupcake cups 1/2 way - this should make about 18 cupcakes. Add one cherry to each cupcake. Using a lemon zester (or cheese grater), grate the chocolate square, without chipping your nails. Sprinkle the chocolate on top of the cupcakes.
Bake as directed.

This recipe is so easy and only 3 points per cupcake!

OMG YUM. Let me know if you make them! Soda cakes are nothing new, but this combo just makes me super happy.

Remember little sisters - you are in charge of your goals and where you go. Each decision is a step closer or farther away from your goal. Be true to yourself and you'll succeed every time.

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  1. This looks so yummy. I have regular Dr Pepper. All the time usually. It's my vice. Some like coffee. I like Dr P. But I could get s small one to try this. Those cherries popong out make me want to pick it all up in my shopping trip today. Thanks so much.


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