Weight Loss Tip #8 : Don't Be Afraid To Stick Up For Yourself

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Happy Friday little sisters! How was your week? I survived week one on Weight Watchers maintenance, so yeah for me! I added four points per day and my weight didn't budge, so week one was a success.  I'm also trying to add in more pilates and cardio, as I am really hoping some of this extra skin (or is it fat?) will tighten up. It's frustrating to see how far you've come on the scale, only to be faced with reality when you look at yourself naked. But that is a discussion for a different day... This week, we are talking about the importance of sticking up for yourself where food is concerned.

Over the last year, I've been trying to take a more hands on approach to sticking up for myself in all arenas. When I was laid off from my job of 18 years the day before Thanksgiving, I was ok with it, because I know in the long run, it will be better for my health and wellbeing. If you are one of my close friends, you'll know I've started summoning all of the chutzpa I can manage and I've been sticking up for myself everywhere, especially where food and my body are concerned. I've been trying to listen first and act second, something that hasn't always been easy for me.

And it has not been pretty. My ugly, hangry-ness raised it's nasty head one specific night in Dallas. I was with two of my favorite people, Meredith from Trailing Glitter and Paula from Older Girl Beauty, and honestly, I'm lucky they still talk to me.  Here's what happened.

Dallas loves their meat and their fast food. And at 11pm, it's hard to find anything else. After a full day of Korean spa-ing, we were hungry and I was on total empty. Vegetarian options were not easy to find as everything was closed or out of lettuce. The net result of this adventure ended with me crying while offering to eat a bush along the side of the road. I also may have gotten out of the car at one point and screamed "F*** Texas" with tears streaming down my face. I am not proud of that. We rode home in silence, after eventually finding a salad somewhere. I realized that sticking up for myself was key, but figuring out how to do it in a slightly more polite way would be better for everyone. I'm certain there are still strangers in that Texas parking lot who are praying for me today. (It was bad.)

Gouldylox Rules for Sticking Up For Yourself & Your Food Choices

1. Plan Ahead. 
Always have a backup plan in mind. Maybe this means always carrying protein bars in your purse to avoid a meltdown. Or it means only offering to dine with friends somewhere you know you'll be able to eat easily. If fast food isn't your bag, then just say you don't eat it. It's ok to say you don't eat food that isn't on your plan. Staying a few steps ahead of your day and the food involved will make all of the difference. It's your body and you're in charge. Be polite, plan ahead and stay firm.

2. Offer to Bring a Dish.
If eating is hard for you when dining in with friends, bring a dish you know you can eat. I'm attending a potluck wedding that is serving pit beef. They won't have a scrap of food that works with my plan, so my addition to the meal will be a salad. I'll eat that and probably taste a few other things to be polite. This may feel weird, but get over it. It's your body and your health. Who cares if anyone else notices you didn't eat the macaroni salad? Plus, staying in control of what I'm eating will leave room on my plan for a delicious piece of wedding cake!

3. Give Zero Thoughts to What Anyone Else Thinks
Who cares if your mother in law is annoyed that you didn't eat her famous creamed herring? Does eating that improve anything in your life or theirs? Nope. Eating something you know you should avoid only adds to your own guilt and waistline. Food has to be one of the hardest pleasures to master. You need to set yourself up for success first and stop worrying about what anyone else thinks.

4. Don't Bore Everyone Discussing What You Eat
I've never met a proselytizing vegetarian or vegan who didn't eventually irritate everyone and dieters are the same way. Most people will not care if you hate almond milk or only eat GOOP approved food. If someone wants to know what you've been doing to look so great, tell them. Otherwise, I've found that being social and not making a show out of what you eat will take off some of the pressure. Eat what you eat and don't be afraid to say no thank you to anyone who tries to get you to try their pork rinds with ranch dressing.

At the end of the day, it's up to you. You put the food in your mouth, not someone else.
Make smart choices, remember that you are in control and smile. You got this!

Tell me how your week was in the comment section. I wish there was a way for us to track how much weight we are losing together...if you think of an easy way, tell me! Have a great week, my little sisters!

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  1. Were you always vegetarian or did you adopt this to help with weight loss? You look great!!

    1. I've been a pescatarian for the last ten or so years. One of these days, I'll probably start cutting out seafood as well. I can't eat lobster any longer. It's not for health reasons. I'm a big animal advocate (I developed KarmaDogs.org!) and can't eat 'em. No judgement to anyone who does, though!


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