Makeup Wars: We're Back and All About Holiday Beauty Buys!

After a very long vacay, Makeup Wars is back and ready to pit favorite against favorite! For our first Wars in a long time we are serving up the best of holiday beauty buys. We've added some new Makeup Wars Warriors, so please make sure to check them out, subscribe and welcome them to the Wars!

While it's entirely too early for me to think about the holidays, with less than ten weeks until gift exchanges (Christmas and Hanukkah hit at the same time this year!), it's time to talk holiday beauty lists.

Other than a few, I'm not too excited about the traditional holiday buys. Like a lot of people, the quality of the sets is giving me pause. Even at a great price, a dusty shadow is still a dusty shadow.
If you are looking for gift ideas for yourself or gift ideas for a fellow makeup-aholic, here's what I would suggest.

The Huda Beauty Palette is beyond gorgeous. The textured shadows bling out when you buff them and only one shade is a little tricky to work with (Maneater). This is the palette that will elicit squeals of delight.

Back on shelves is the Anastasia Master Palette by Mario. While it's not online at the moment, you can likely still score this on shelves at Sephora. It sells out quickly, so be a hero and grab it when you see it.

If you miss the Mario palette, the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette is one of my favorites of the year. It's beautifully luxe and rich with deep colors that are perfection.

Just don't fall for the Anastasia Glow Kit. The powders are crunchy, like they have little pieces of corn flakes mixed in. I've never seen anything like it. 

Yup, that's a hairdryer!

On everyone's list is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, which will set you back $400. OG Beauty Blogger Amber Katz has it and adores it (I don't think she's reviewed it, though.). It's quiet, but has a high pitch tone instead of a regular dryer noise. It's lightweight and powerful so, if you've got it to give, this dryer will make everyone very, very happy.

You can't go wrong with Buxom Six Degrees Below Sexy Mini-Full On Lip Polish. It has all of my favorite colors (minus Sugar) and is still one of my favorite lip glosses/polishes/toppers of all time. There is also a larger collection of lippies and polishes from Buxom, that includes a collection of lip polishes, lip creams and Wildly Whipped Lightweight Lipstick.

Finally, if you are looking for shiny shadows that make lids glow, the Fire and Frost Eyeshadow Palette from Buxom (Stone Cold Babe Set) is gorgeous. It comes with a bonus Buxom mascara, too! These shadows are easy on the eyes if all of the textures and red colors are not your thing.

What is on your list? Need more inspiration? Click the tiles below and say hello to the new and improved Makeup Wars!

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  1. I almost bought the HUDA and I didn't know Mario was back! I don't need it but damn I want it. UGH. whyyyyyy

  2. What a great selection! I want all of those gorgeous eyeshadow palettes!

  3. Ohh I have been so tempted by the Huda Beauty Palette. I've heard the mattes aren't that great though. Do you really find the quality worth it? I have the other 2 palettes. LOL

  4. I'm so glad I picked up the ABH Mario when I had the chance. When I bought some ABH singles I was so impressed with the quality. I absolutely thought about the Dyson dryer for my Sephora haul but even at 20% off I knew that would be one charge I couldn't hide away.

  5. I own both Mario and Renaissance, I love both. Hope Santa will give me that Dyson!

  6. I love Buxom glosses too and I the Stone Cold palette is so cute!

  7. Don't judge me. I haven't blow dried my hair in yearssss (I'm a hippie and usually air dry) and I SO want that Dyson dryer. That baby looks so fancy.

  8. I saw the Antasia Mario Palette and couldn't decide between it or the Huda one. They're both gorgeous, but I just can't decide which one I'll get more use out of.


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