My Signature Spring Lip Color: Lady Flower

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I can't believe I'm obsessed with another pink lipstick. Pinks are super girly to me and I've avoided them for most of my life...but look at me grow as a person! I think I might even be ready to call this my signature spring color. It's so juicy and pretty!

Urban Decay's new Sheer Revolution Lipstick ($22.00) is available in 12 shades and I'm in love with Lady Flower. UD has all twelve shades, Sephora has ten and Ulta is carrying five. Lady Flower is available at Sephora and, but not at Ulta. Now that we've gotten that out of the way...

I'm obsessed with the color; a bright, rosy sheer pink. I swear it makes my teeth look whiter and it just makes me look perpetually happy. I'm not sure I can be in a bad mood in this color (but who am I kidding? I could swing a bad mood with a sweet lip, no problem. But it might be a bit harder.).

The formula is creamy and makes your lips feel like happy little pillows. I'm getting about an hour or so of wear time, but I can't honestly expect anything sheer to last much longer (although I bet putting NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick on as a primer would extend it for hours. That gloss is as sticky as one of those self-adhesive envelopes. It would probably kill the sheer quality, which is beautiful, but the color wouldn't budge for hours.).

I think this might be my signature spring color. Have you picked one yet?

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  1. Oh my! This is a pretty one indeed. I love the classy packaging and love the color too. A must try indeed!


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