Lip Obsession of the Week: Retro Pink

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Last week was the craziest week in my (recent) life. My day job for the last 18 years has been to be the broadcast producer at an ad agency. I've worked with the same people for almost half of my life.

I. was. made. redundant. 


They did offer to let me keep my job, but only on a part-time basis. Betting on myself instead of a part-time paycheck, I said adios to my work family and walked off into the sunset.


And of course that same night I had to go see some family who were in town for Thanksgiving instead of wearing footie pajamas and crying like I would have preferred. A complete hot mess, I stopped at Walgreens to grab something to brighten up (distract!) from my puffy eyes.

The color that turned my red eyes blue (or at least made me look human and not like a red, splotchy-faced, sad sack)?  Colour Prevails by Nonie Creme Paint & Varnish Matte Lip Colour & Topcoat in Retro Pink. It's a matte! It's glossy! It wears for a long time. It's distractingly gorgeous.  Which is exactly what I needed to make it through the next 2 hours.

Enough of my pity party. Back to why great lippies make bad days better.


Colour Prevails by Nonie Creme Paint and Varnish Lippies are gorgeous. One end delivers rich, long lasting satin-matte color. The other end seals the deal with an ultra glossy top coat that is not tacky or sticky. If anything, it extends the wear and hydrates the lips. The color range includes ten shades, which is perfect if you're building up a solid lip wardrobe.

I'm so sad I waited to try Colour Prevails by Nonie Creme. Each product is created with multiple purposes in mind so you can feed your creativity or fix your face with a quickness. Love.

It's a bright, but not too-bright pink. And it wakes up a face with no makeup.  My co-worker came over to help me trim the tree. She knew I wasn't up to the task alone. She's the best! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo
Colour Prevails by Nonie Creme is only available at Walgreens.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your news, girl. I have been there. And it was hard. Like, I had a corporate gig and I couldn't find another job in my field and picked myself up and worked at Starbucks for awhile. It was humbling. Especially when you see your ex come in and he wonders why you are serving him coffee when you were on a completely different trajectory when you last spoke. But at the end of it, I'm proud of myself. Didn't just sit around forever collecting unemployment and feel sorry for myself. I DID something. And eventually I found a job and then that job led to meeting my husband so everything happens for a reason. But some of those things definitely suck. You will find something great, I just know it! xo

    1. Thank you! I'm sure it's all for the best in the long run. But still.....

      (thank you)

  2. I'm very sorry about your job. May something better come up for you soon.

  3. Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear about your job. When I lived up near you, the job I had, I went on vacation and planned to tell my boss we were moving due to my military husband getting transferred once I came back to work. I guess one of my co workers talked to a boss and they sent me a letter saying they were not going to want me back after my vacation. Crazy how things happen sometimes. I had never been let go from a job EVER so it really stung. I know you will find something new and exciting.

    1. WHAT NOW? That's awful. Ack. I'm so sorry.

    2. They assumed I was being dishonest because I didn't tell them before vacation. I didn't have specific dates I was going to have to leave. I needed to wait a few days before I had the dates. I eventually considered the source. The owner of the wholesale lab was a jerk. They didn't have a problem with my work, it had to do more with I was going to have to leave during a busy time so rather than talk to me, they just cut their losses. I guess it's just the price of business these days, they want you to bleed for them and make them your life but they'd think nothing about cutting a person who's been loyal for 18 years.. I hope Karma comes and bites that company you worked for in the rear ! I'm glad you have supportive friends, you never know what can come of all the connections you made over the years. Reach out and let people know you are available ! Best Wishes.

  4. It is a very difficult phase of life when you lose a job you had for many years.I am sorry to hear this but I am glad you have very good friends who are there for you in your difficult times. Things will get better very soon. Hope for the best :)

    1. Thank you! I'm certain amazing things are around the corner. I just have to get to the corner...


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