Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

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Ever been unhappy with the shade of your foundation, wished you could blend your own or wanted to play makeup scientist? Cover FX has figured out how to isolate pigment in a way that allows it to be evenly blended with almost any base. Two Custom Cover Drops will give you sheer to medium  coverage and four drops will give you complete coverage. It really works with almost anything (I say almost only because I haven't tried it with everything in my arsenal).

If you mix it with Paula's Choice Resist Oil, you'll get a dewy glow that lasts the day and looks airbrushed.

If you mix it with Too Faced's Hangover Rx Primer, you'll get a very natural, semi-matte look that won't budge (you'll want to add a translucent powder to stop the sticky feeling).

Add two drops to an aloe vera-based face gel (like this one from NuSkin) for a truly no makeup, perfected skin look.

Add a drop of one shade darker to your existing foundation routine to create the perfect match for your summer bronzed skin.

Add a drop or two to your favorite SPF, moisturizer or serum and create your own foundation. Even adding a drop to your body moisturizer is a great way to give your legs fantastic coverage for special nights out.

At last, you're the one in control of your coverage and color! If you need full coverage or just a tiny bit, Cover Drops delivers. You decide how you look. Radiant, matte or somewhere in between is all up to you. Cover FX released Cover Drops in all of their foundation colors, TWENTY-FOUR in all. This collection is the first of its kind and changes how you think of foundation. No collection is complete without it. Grab your own Cover Drops for $44.

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  1. This is brilliant.

  2. I wish they had added a white, a yellow, and some other tone correcting shades. I would have picked a white up in a heartbeat as I think many of the white mixers on the market don't always play well with certain ingredients. I hope those are in the works, or at least a girl can dream. =)

    1. I was surprised they didn't have tone correcting ones as well! Have you tried the Atelier Cosmetics White Pigment? It's the only one that works with everything for my dry skin. I use it almost daily!


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