Maybelline Colossal Pumped Up Volum' Express

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Lately, I've been into some higher end mascaras that have rocked my world. However, one drugstore brand has caught my attention for good reason, it delivers!

Maybelline Colossal Pumped Up Volum' Express gives you a twisted wand and a fluffy brush that coats lashes with 16X the "plumping formula". The big brush and wand design appear to scoop up more mascara than a traditional wand and brush, while applying mascara the without clumps. Now that my lashes are longer, the brush works for me. When my lashes are very short, the brush is just too big.

My lashes are very fine and thin and without the help of RevitaLash, would be almost invisible. This mascara makes my lashes stand out almost as well as my beloved MAC Studio Pro Lash. I don't seem to get clumps or have many problems with flakes. I do seem to get some fallout from my lashes touching my glasses, but I can't really blame the mascara!

Have you tried this? Did it work for you? Pick it up for yourself from CVS/Pharmacy. Be sure to use your ExtraCare Beauty Club Saving Card to save big on everything at CVS.

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