Fab Five Friday with Beautisol, Derma-e, ProBelle and more!

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Is summer actually coming to a close? That went by so fast! Just because the summer is starting to end, your use of sunscreen shouldn't. True, you aren't frolicking at the beach, but you're also probably not hiding inside a dark room. You need to wear a sunscreen. (If you don't, then don't come boo-hooing to us that you need to get a peel to undue the brown splotches left my the sun.)

Derma-E, makers of exceptional skincare at very reasonable prices, now have an Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen Oil-Free FACE SPF30. It's light, it doesn't smell and it feels lovely on the skin. There is no excuse to avoid sunscreens.

A nice, white smile is the fastest way to feel beautiful. Reach has a new toothbrush that is unlike all others. This Complete Care Triple Angle Floss Toothbrush utilizes bristles pointing in three directions, so teeth get cleaner than brushing with a standard toothbrush. It's a little wider than regular toothbrush, but my teeth do feel cleaner.

Want to be the first of your friends talking about a new brand? Check out Benecos Natural Beauty. It's Germany's fastest growing makeup brand, all natural and gluten-free. It gives a satin finish that leans more matte than the usual BB dewy finish. It's only available in two colors but if you are fair or beige, try it for yourself!

ProBelleNail Polish Touch N' Grow will beef up your brittle nails. Do you pick off your at-home gel polish? I know I do (I also pick off those nail stickers!). This will help your nails heal dramatically. Available in two formulas, your nails will recover and you can stop being ashamed of destroying them. It's totally helping me.

I know I mentioned it earlier, but I am now addicted to Beautisol Summer Glow. I was so afraid to put it on my face, but it's error proof and gives you a flawless tan.

What did you love this week? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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