A Lipstick Love: MAC Gwi-Yo-Mi Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint

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Now that my color palette has been flipped on its head, I'm looking for brighter colors to bring out my features. I've found two from MAC that I can't seem to put down. Both are similar, but oh-so-different.

The glossy color, a bright rosy pink named Gwi-Yo-Mi, is a Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint from the Moody Blooms LE Collections.

The lipstick is Fusion Pink, from MAC's Pro Lipstick collection. It is extremely long-wearing, grips the lips and is strong enough to really define your lip line. Its satin finish leaves the lips looking so pretty...I wonder why I don't own more of these PRO shades?

Mixed together or worn alone, both are beautiful, bright shades that make my lips pop, my eyes look bluer and don't compete with my hair color. I wasn't really able to wear colors like this before. Now I'm trying tons of options. I really, really love these two colors. I'm a little obsessed.

Have you ever really mixed up your own color palette? What were your favorite shades? Share your makeup story with me in the comments below! I'd love to know what colors helped you!

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  1. These look stunning on you! I've noticed that being fair complected and having brunette hair that blue toned reds look the best on me and don't make me look more washed out than I already am. Keep wearing bright lipsticks! They look awesome on you :D


  2. These colours look really lovely on you Kelly! I've had my hair black, red and brown, and it really changes how things look on my face. Black made me look super super ghostly pale, and I was surprised how much more colour my face had with red hair! But red is difficult to match with as you say, brown at the moment is a good neutral colour. Now I pretty much wear anything :D xxx


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