NEW! L'Oreal Brings High Tech Hair to the Masses

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A new line of styling products from L'Oreal has me trying new styles, not to mention being really impressed with drugstore hair care!

The new Advanced Hairstyle Styling from L'Oreal helps bridge the gap between basics and style-specific products at really affordable prices. From short styles to braids and bouffants, this new line helps you get the look for less. So many of those pinterest styles look best with a matte finish...but it's hard to de-shine your hair without the right product. And until now, the rights products were pricey. The line boasts 15 different products to choose from. Here's a look at some of my favorites:


For example, Sleek It Heat Protection Spray not only protects hair up to 450 degrees, but also seals the hair to keep out humidity, add shine and help hold your style for up to three days. While I've been using this, my hair has been incredibly touchable and doesn't feel like I have any product in at all. You know how much I hate feeling hair product in my hair. And I kind of love how this smells (ok, I totally love it).

Curl Taming Cream gives curly hair support to stay gorgeous without drooping or frizzing. I don't have curly hair, but I'm told that it doesn't leave hair feeling like it's overwhelmed by product. And the results last and last.

My favorite, however, is the Tousle Waves Spray. It gives a matte, undone texture to the hair. It's always been hard to find a product that can do this in this price range. Bumble and Bumble sells similar products for over $20. Tousle Waves smells amazing, gives your hair a satin to matte finish and helps your hair look piece-y, all without feeling overloaded on product. It even includes a little heat protection. I apply to damp hair and then again, once I've added some waves. I love this.

This collection also includes a variety of  texture waxes and hair gum in different textures (matte, low shine, shiny). It also includes special sprays for back combing bouffant styles as well as other versatile hairsprays. The line has so many options, you can create all of the pinterest looks you want and you won't need the uber-expensive boutique varieties of the same products. If you like products in fancy stores that rhyme with Stumble and Mumble, then you'll love this line.

Pick up anything from this collection for around $5.  Look for them at your local CVS/Pharmacy and don't forget to save big with your BeautyClub card! Let me know what you think!

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