Get Acne Under Control With This $3 Product

I don't have acne. I have never had those skin problems.  My problem has always been my weight. Many of my friends suffered from acne and continue to suffer as adults. One of my good girlfriends, Sandy, has battled non-hormonal acne her entire adult life. Sandy always keeps her hair off of her face. She changes her pillow case after laying down on it EVERY TIME. She never re-uses a washcloth. She washes her face gently three times a day. She's ruined many sets of sheets using products on her face that leave bleach-like spots on her sheets. She's so careful with makeup that she almost never wears any. She's very cautious about using anti-aging products. And she's tried almost everything.

When I had lunch with her last week, one of the first things I noticed was how amazing her skin looked. Clean, clear and smooth, with almost no breakouts. I was a little shocked by our conversation. It went like this:

S: Check it out (vogueing around her face to show off her skin). It's clear.
G: AMAZING! That is so wonderful! What did you do?
S: You're going to be so mad at me when I tell you!
G Why? (and why do people think I'm mad at them if they find a product they love? People say that to me all of the time. It's a weird side effect of being a beauty writer.)
S. You won't believe it. I started using Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap with Moisturizing Aloe on my face. It's changed everything.
G: *stunned silence*

Dial Antibacterial Soap? It totally makes sense though. One of the things an esthetician will do is use a special tool that harnesses the power of galvanic electrical current. This can help reduce inflammation, encourage the skin to heal and kill bacteria. Since bacteria can cause acne flare-ups, killing the bacteria regularly might just help ward off new breakouts! It's working for Sandy (and tons of other people on the world wide web). If you try it, please let me know if it helps you!

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  1. I'm not surprised this works. A friend of mine uses hydrogen peroxide on her face every night and neosporin on any blemishes that do make their way to the surface. She swears by it!


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