Fusion of Color Fall 2013: Ladies Love Lilac


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Ever since the debut of the new show Blacklist, I've been obsessed with lilac. Why? Because the lead woman detective wears the most gorgeous shade of lilac gloss in the pilot. I haven't been able to stop thinking about that lipgloss! Good thing Fusion of Color and I are on the same page. Their 2013 Fall Collection includes some beautiful lilac eye and lip shades!

I'm wearing the following Fusion of Color Cosmetics:

Pink Champagne on the lids
Mulberry in the crease
Fall Guy traced over liner and smudged
Cherish blush on my cheeks
Wisteria lipstick
Lilac Petal Lipgloss

If you haven't tried Fusion of Color, you should. You can't beat the prices and the pigments are lovely!

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  1. These colors are really fantastic I have never heard of fusion of colors though (:

  2. Kelly, these colors are fantastic on you. They really light up your face and make your eyes pop. The lippie is perfect. Don't hate me! but it's so much more flattering than the Estee Lauder Burnished Bronze. I know you love that one but this lilac just makes you glow. BTW, I had promised you in a previous comment that I would swatch the Estee Lauder when I was at a counter. That was yesterday. The SA took one look at me and said "um, maybe we can find something a little less brown". It was everything I could do not to fall on the floor and just laugh my butt off! I knew it would turn out that way for me. But that's the great thing about makeup, non? You just never know what might be around the corner :)

    1. I love you!!! Kudos for trying it! This lilac from Fusion of Color is pretty great!

  3. This is wonderful info - us green eyed girls love the lilacs & this is new-to-me colors.

  4. Thank you for the review, the colors are gorgeous on you. The Wisteria lipstick and Lilac Peal gloss are my favs also.

  5. Those berries are beautiful on you!


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