Face Stockholm Holographic Polish in Athena

Purchased by Me

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you have wonderful plans for the holiday and are reading this while lounging by the pool, waiting for the BBQ to start. However, if the rain is forcing you to shop online while you wait for the clouds to clear, here is a polish that you NEED.

Athena Nail Polish from Face Stockholm

I picked up the Athena Holographic Polish from Face Stockholm (the Optical Diffusion collection) after swooning over it in a recent Makeup Wars post. Even though I loved the look of those holo polishes from Face Stockholm, I didn't understand how much I would love it until I actually put applicator to nail and stood in the sun. GORGEOUS. And it contains no glitter, so riddle me that one, will ya? It looks like a 3D field of glitter on your nails, yet it contains none?

Athena Nail Polish from Face Stockholm

The customer service is also excellent, if you have reservations about ordering online from a company you have no history with, never fear. I had an issue with my online purchase and a real human not only helped me, but called back a day or two later to let me know they hadn't forgotten about me, had fixed the problem and gave me a discount for my troubles. Sure, it's a pricey polish, but my gods, it's so pretty and unlike anything else in my collection. 

Athena Nail Polish from Face Stockholm
(please ignore my horrible cuticles!)

These polishes are available in six other colors and retail for $16 each. I think I might pick up Leto next. Have you tried these? What holographic polish do you love?

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  1. As you know, I love my one in Aura. I want more too. Even my nail tech was amazed at this one - it's wonderful! Love your shade.

  2. The polish looks so gorgeous on your nails!!


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