It's April 2. Let's Talk Truths, Shall We?

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With all of the shenanigans yesterday, let's talk truth. Have you ever wondered how stripping your body wash is? Does your skin actually feel better after you shower? Or does it feel squeaky-clean and very tight, slimy and sticky or just right? Check out the Dove Truth Files to see what their truth-seeking trials reveal. How does your body wash stack up? Below I've sussed out the truth once and for all!

While the nerd in me wants to know what is really on that pink paper in the videos (I'm guessing it's a pH based reaction, triggered by ingredients in the surfactant), the nerdy truth is that Dove uses different surfactants and emollient ingredients.

In Dove Deep Moisture the surfactant is a gentle cleanser derived from coconut oil. It's then followed by other naturally derived oils, glycerin and finally petroleum. There are more traditional surfactants much further down in the ingredients, but the combination of emollients and gentle cleansers seems to make this one very hydrating body wash that leaves the skin feeling clean, but not tight.

In Olay's In-Shower Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash, they do use a very gentle sugar-based cleanser, but the second ingredient is petroleum. So while it cleans your skin gently, it also leaves behind a film. Which begs the question - how clean IS your skin?

In Neutrogena's Body Clear Body Wash, a chemical surfactant is used as the second ingredient -- Sodium C14 16 Olefin Sulfonate. It is also derived from coconuts, but is known to extremely drying and stripping to the skin. In other words, it's on the harsh side.

Which would you choose? Personally, I like to feel clean and hydrated, not dry, tight, itchy or slimy.
To celebrate Dove Truth Day, tell me one truth about yourself and you'll be entered to win a prize package from Dove!

I'll start. My truth is that I've only used a shaving cream a few times in my life and prefer to just use my body wash. If it's not hydrating enough for that, then I don't want it. (I've hidden another personal truth in the Rafflecopter, so don't get shy on me!)

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  1. I shave my legs again on the day of an event with hair conditioner so my legs stay extra moisturized and smooth

  2. I bit my toenails when I was a kid.

  3. I put on deodorant at least 2 times a day

  4. My secret weapon for rushed mornings is Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair by Cake. Sometimes I use it instead of shampooing even when technically I would have had time to wash and air dry my hair.

  5. If I don't put lotion on my legs every morning, then it looks like it's snowing when I take off my pants.

  6. I have a widow's peak but I pluck it out.

  7. When I color my hair to cover the grey, I also put some on my pubic hair. lol

  8. I have a healthy obsession with True Crime shows :D

    Facebook: rosie areola
    Twitter @aitch77

  9. I touch up the few stray uncolored hairs I find with eyebrow mousse.


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