Surviving Irene: One Beautiful Idea At A Time

So those of us on the East Coast are hunkering down, waiting for the worst. NYC mass transit is stopping service around noon, some stores are closing early and everyone is anticipating losing power at some point. You've charged your cell phone and tablet and have gathered everyone's facebook and twitter names so you can stay in touch when the storm hits. (Officials are asking us to NOT use phone lines so they can be kept  open and working for 911 calls. They are asking us to use twitter and facebook instead, which is all that worked for me in the EARTHQUAKE earlier this week.)

So if you have your disaster relief kit packed, have three gallons of water on hand for each person in your home (don't forget your pets!), you've found your batteries and put them in your flashlights and know where your gas and water shut off valves in your home are. Now what?

QVC is sharing Beauty's Best with you all day today! Get amazing deals on Clarisonic, Tria At-Home Laser Hair Removal Systems, Philosophy and more. The best part? If the power goes out, get out your charged phone or tablet and watch live QVC on the app!

I'm tuning in (and setting my DVR, just to be sure) so I don't miss the following:

1pm - Tarte is launching a new Maracuja Brightening Cheek Tint with Vitamin C, which I can't wait to see. I love the Maracuja Oil already, so I'm tuning in. I need to see the color nectar in the presentation, but I'm guessing I'll feel compelled to pick it up. My peachy addiction is only getting worse. (If worse is the right word. I'd say glorious is closer.)

3pm- High Tech Beauty will feature the latest in gadgets and goodies that will save you money in the long run, assuming you are a DIY girl, like me.

5pm- QVC Beauty Choice Awards. Need I say more?

9pm- My favorite Mama, Mally Roncal, is back tonight at 9. She has a new Liquid Poreless Face Defender, which I need to learn more about now. It's no secret I LOVE LOVE LOVE her solid version of this product.  I could kick myself for missing the presentation early this morning. (Technically, I can't kick myself any easier than I can put my elbow in my ear, but you know what I mean.)

So remember, stay safe, evacuate if they tell you to and don't use your phone for calls. Not into social media? Try something like Gchat, which works with your gmail account. Leave the phone lines open for emergency calls only. Be sure to charge your phones and tablets before the storm hits, so you'll have something to do when the power goes out. Now let's all collectively hope it won't be as bad as everyone is making it out to be. And know that at least we'll all look fabulous no matter what. :-)

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  1. Wow, what type of deals do they do on the Clairsonic?

  2. It's the TSV today. It's a whole kit for less than $200.

  3. Wowie. Maybe not today, but someday… :)


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