My Newest Trick for Fabulous Foundation: Near Perfect Coverage

I am constantly searching for the way to get the most flawless face. Perhaps it's my unending quest for something better, or it's all the fault of Julia Roberts, but I can't stop searching for THE BEST.

I have nice skin. I'm lucky. I have a little bit of redness and some melasma and the occasional blemish. My skin is dry, eats blush and by the end of the day, my redness and melasma show through. I recently started removing my peach fuzz (I'm also now using something to make it grow back) and I really like how the foundation looks on smoother skin. Except the melasma and redness seem more prominent, since my fur buffer is gone. See where this is going? It's a process and each step of my quest is revealing a new path.

Here is my new favorite way to get a flawless face.

I start with the new Smashbox PhotoFinish Hydrating Primer. This primer keeps my dry skin looking supple and fresh all day long, without ever feeling oily. I then apply concealer to my under eye area. I'm still milking the last of my Eve Pearl. Next, and possibly one of the two most crucial steps, I apply the new bareMinerals Redness Remedy to the areas where I have some redness.

I'm of the skin type that blushes easily. After an uncomfortable work convo earlier in the week my co-worker, Ms. Coach, said I actually looked traumatized because of the blotchiness. So I do definitely have some redness to cover, which I initially didn't think I did. I apply the bright yellow powder with the paddle end of the white bristled brush. Then to blend it out and add a little more coverage, I buff a bit more onto the area below my cheekbones and my nose. It makes my skin look slightly more yellow than usual, diminishing the redness. This is the key step in getting the flawless complexion I am so excited about.

Then I thoroughly wet my Beauty Blender, which I finally caved and purchased. It is so worth the $20. I know, I know. It's a makeup sponge. How special can it be? Trust me. Would I lie to you? Here is what you do. You wet it until it basically doubles in size and then you ring it out, so it's barely damp.

Then I like to apply foundation to the back of my hand and then dot my face with my liquid foundation of choice, which right now is Cover FX Natural Liquid Foundation. Then you STIPPLE (this means bounce the sponge on your face) the foundation all over your face using the beauty blender. Don't rub the sponge on your face. That isn't how this works and you'll smoosh all of your yellow into the wrong places. Once you have the foundation stippled on your face, ROLL the beauty blender across the surface of your face.  This gives you a perfect airbrushed look.

Finally, I've been setting my face with Mally Beauty's (don't call it a powder) Poreless Perfection Skin Finisher. I take the adorable little pink Mally Beauty Buki and roll the powder on face. I don't know why, but this seems to have magical setting powder.

Now for the amazing part. My foundation and blush stayed mainly intact for a full work day. My blush almost NEVER lasts that long. And the best part is that my blush looks like blush, which is what I have been missing. Before I had a highlight above my cheek, cheek color and then some murky, ruddy bleh under my cheekbone. Now, after using the Redness Remedy and the Beauty Blender, my skin looks flawless, almost like Julia Roberts in that ad that was banned in Britain.  More importantly, I have cheeks that look healthy and happy. Which honestly, makes me feel much better. It's the little things...

What are your flawless face secrets? Tell me all about it!

Some products in this post were sent for review. I bought most of them. None of these test on animals.

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  1. Related to an older post, I bought & love the Umberto pre shampoo collagen treatment & love it!

  2. Sadly, I know exactly what you mean but a "fur buffer." It wasn't until I had practically my whole threaded that I noticed more brown spots. I haven't caved on the Beauty Blender but I'm going to buy one this weekend and try your method. Thanks!

  3. It truly makes such a difference!!

  4. Melasma is sun damage, which is the color of dark freckles on me. My redness is caused by being Irish, I'm certain. :-)

  5. Is melasma the redness? I'd really like to get rid of the peach fuzz, too. I like your foundation process! While I've thought of the Beauty Blender, I really can't see leaving behind my Bdellium tools super soft finishing brush (I think it may give the same effect as the Blender). I swear by that and the Avon magix face perfector. I will try smashbox one day, though! :)

  6. Ah ha! Thanks for the clarification. You're probably right about the Irish thing :D

  7. Wow, timely post. Both the beauty blender AND the redness relief are on my want now list. Of course I only allow myself onebeauty product a week. FYI I don't count personal care just soap, deo etc in this. I was leaning towards the beauty blender great tools are more versatile. But now not sure.
    I'm also Irish with typical Irish skin( when I say that I mean it's like yours nice, usually not blemish prone but redness, and dry). You say and I saw others say the same, they apply BEFORE foundation but the BM site says to apply after. Did you find it was too yellow applying after? Another question would or do you wear this alone without foundation?

    CoverFX must be the shizness. Everyone loves it. Onto the list it goes.

  8. On me, it's too yellow afterwards. I love how it works before foundation. When a friend tried it in the BE store, they used it under foundation as well. It's great stuff!!!

  9. Ok you've convinced me. The redness is my personal biggest "beauty concern". thanks


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