Monimay Hair Shadz: Dry Shampoo, Root Concealer and SPF = :-)

As I am starting to finally have more good hair days than bad, I'm interested in keeping the style as long as I can. This translates into me trying to find a dry shampoo that meets my needs:

Easy to apply
Not messy
Adds volume
Absorbs oil
Conceals roots
Doesn't make hair feel too heavy
Doesn't make scalp feel too dry

It's a lot to ask, but it has to be out there, right? Recently, I got a chance to check out Monimay's Hair Shadz in Copper Red. This powder comes in a dispenser with a brush. There is no nozzle, no shaker, no air blaster. Just a simple brush.

You can control how much product comes out by turning the silver ring at the top of the container. Then you just turn the brush upside down, tap it lightly and begin applying it to your hair. Not only does it act as a dry shampoo and root concealer, it also provides SPF protection for your scalp.

(With Hair Shadz on the left and without on the right.)

This does a great job concealing my roots, which is a huge concern, considering my hair is growing like a weed and is nowhere near the color I've been sporting for 15 years. Hair Shadz gives a serious amount of color coverage. My hair is actually two tones and this blends the roots to appear as if everything is one color. As far as working as a dry shampoo, it does a nice job. My hair doesn't feel too dry or heavy, which is the issue I have with many dry shampoos. I like my hair to feel like my hair on a good day, not my hair on a hangover day - you know what I mean? This definitely mattifies your hair, like most dry shampoos, so be sure to add a bit of shine back to your hair with your favorite shine spray.

The only downside to this product is the brush. I wish it were retractable so you could put the plastic cap back on without smooshing the brush itself. Other than that small flaw, this works beautifully! UPDATE: Apparently, the brush does goes down, I just haven't been able to figure it out. Which means this product is close to perfect!

Pick it up from for $29.95.

Product sent for review. Not tested on animals.

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  1. Dang it!  Now I want this!  :-)  Great review and pictures!

  2. thanks!!! It's a life saver, easy to use and stays put!

  3. Hey!  I love Hair Shadz too!  The brush is retractable!  Simply pull down the applicator from the bottom, while holding the portion of the applicator with the Hair Shadz label pull up on that end..  It goes right up over the brush - no smooshing!

  4. Wait, what? REALLY? I played with it a bit and didn't get it to do that! I might just have to go home at lunch to play with this again!! Thanks for the tip!!

  5. holy crap, this is just what ive been looking for!! i have hair that is half roots and half died. awful. can't wait to try this

  6. What would life be like without dry shampoo?! But I've never had one that helps with coverage, too, which is nothing short of a minor miracle in my book. I'm definitely going to give this one a whirl.

  7. It definitely gives color coverage!!! And it doesn't really come out until you shampoo. There is no flaking - once it's in, it's IN.

  8. This video shows you how to use the applicator.  It's really simple.  Enjoy!

  9. Thanks for posting the video. I played with mine when I got home and couldn't figure it out. Even after watching the video, I was certain mine didn't do that, but it was just really, really stuck. Thanks so much for posting this. I'm in love!

  10. Great Read!!  I want to try it myself.  In the meantime I retweeted to others, and if you do not mind, will send the info to others (with your name credit)
    Thank you!

  11. Sounds like something I am going to try...I have retweeted to my followers, and if you do not mind, will send along to others...


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