Beauty Shorts: Bright Colors, Long Hair and The Key

This installment of Beauty Shorts includes a tale of repulsion, a tale of love at first site and the key to getting faster length.

First up is Sula Creme Eyeshadow, in For the Thrill. I was excited to see this new-to-me line at my Ulta and had to check out the vibrant blue-ish teal cream shadow.

Good cream shadows are my favorite and this color sure was pretty. I pony'd up $8 and left feeling happy with myself. I then went into the dressing room at Coldwater Creek with MamaLox and swatched my new purchase on my hand. I swatched it again. Finally, on the third swatch, I could start to see color showing up on my hand.

 (This was after the third try. Seriously?)

Fail. This cream shadowed sullied the name Sula for me. I hope Toni Morrison doesn't find out about this.

(Shown in Siren.)

While I was returning that very sad cream eyeshadow, I noticed the new Urban Decay Waterproof Liquid Liners. Available in eleven shades, ranging from black to electric teal to gold, these liquid liners are the newest addition to the 24/7 line. Unlike the similarly colored Stila liners, these have a traditional liquid liner brush, which I am leaning towards liking best. I couldn't resist the amazing teal, Siren. As soon as I saw it, I new it was coming home with me.


Although to be honest, the purple deserves equal attention. These are definitely water-resistant, but do come off easily and cleanly with a little water and wash cloth pressure. I've been wearing Siren today and it looks just as good twelve hours later.
My hair is now officially hitting my clavicle, which is something I wasn't sure would ever happen. It's also growing more quickly than usual, no doubt because of my new secret weapon, Leonor Greyl Complexe Energisant. According to the company, it is rich in amino acids derived from plant collagen, botanical extracts with regenerating properties, natural multi-active ingredients, and trace elements. This unique blend provides effective action against the maximum number of factors responsible for hair loss.

I've been applying a dropper full of serum to my hair after each washing for about two and half months and I am definitely seeing a boost in how quickly my hair is growing. If you are impatient for length, this is worth checking out!

(My sad, broken key chain.)

Finally, I've had a fancy key chain from Denmark that I have loved for a few years now. Loxy's dad and stepmom brought it back for me from a cruise and it has been a prized possession for years. It finally died over the weekend and I wanted something new. Something that could help me keep track of my keys without being a Lily Pulitzer belt, which is the only thing people seem to really love at this particular shopping center, based on the stores and selection. And I wanted it NOW, which is why I was almost faced with going over to the perky and paisley side. After a bit of searching at Greetings and Readings, I found this, which is right up my alley.

(My new, swanky key chain.)

It's a recycled seat belt that straps on to your purse (or bag). It certainly helps me keep track of my keys inside of the endless sea of black pleather that is my purse.

Love it!!! It's recycled, it works, it's fun to play with and I know where my keys are. Totally worth the $21. (Which is officially $11 over what I said I would ever consider paying for a key chain.)

I bought everything but the LG. I don't know about Sula, but no one else tests on animals.

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  1. MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone)October 3, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    I bought the UD in Smog and it's become a favorite. In the right lights you can see the khaki to it though it mostly looks brown on me. It's a great long lasting liner.
    Thanks for the warning on the Sula since I love cream shadows and would have bought it, now I know better.

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