Rock On! Napoleon Perdis Mineral Makeup Collection

Napoleon Perdis recently released a new Mineral Makeup Duo. This differed from all other mineral makeup in an obvious way the first second I laid eyes on it. Here's how it works.

You start with the Mattifying Mineral Primer, a translucent powder that buffs on and helps to set your makeup. I'm not really used to primers being a powder. And the ones that I have tried didn't really do much. So perhaps they are out there, they just aren't something I generally consider. The Napoleon Perdis primer comes in a no-mess container and is available in one shade. To me, the powder skews a bit to the yellow side, but somehow seems to work on all skin tones.

(I wear Extra Light.)

Then you use the Napoleon Perdis Advanced Mineral Makeup (with SPF 15) in your shade. This creamy liquid is available in six shades, one of which is likely to be perfect for you.

 (Extra Light, swatched.)

This formula gives skin a pretty, natural, semi-matte finish. It's not chalky, is perfect for daytime and wears better than most similar liquid foundations. I have no doubt that this is because of the combination of the powder primer and the liquid foundation.

Finally, you set your foundation with another quick brush with the Mattifying Primer. Again, this powder looks very yellow in the container, but seems to normalize on all skin tones. (I enlisted the help of a few friends to test this theory, as I was not so convinced at first.)

I prefer to wear my foundation slightly creamier, without a finishing touch of powder. That does sacrifice the wear time a bit, but that's just how I roll. I like a dewy finish. Either way, this combo wears longer than many of the foundations I've tried this summer.  The Primer is obviously ideal for skin that is oilier than mine, but it didn't dry out my already dry skin either. If you want natural, long wearing and beautiful skin, this combo definitely Rocks!

Product was sent for consideration. Napoleon Perdis does not test on animals.

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  1. This is curious, powder primer before liquid foundation.  It breaks convention, but definitely seems like a worthwhile option.. especially for those of us on team oily skin.


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