New Too Faced Smoky Eye Palette & Perfect Eye Eye Liners

I am obsessed. It borders on scary and I accept that. Instead of seeing my obsession as a bad thing, I choose to see it as a superpower. One that compels me to drive entirely too far to spend money and test eyeliner. But if my compulsion helps you make an informed decision, than I've done a public service and it was worth it, right?

My particular obsession today happened to be the new Too Faced Smoky Eye palette (on Friday, it was the Beauty Blender sponge). So after three days of visiting different stores in search of someone who had the products available to be seen, I was finally able to get you swatches and details.

Too Faced is going through a bit of a change at the moment. Eye shadows have been reformulated and are now hyper pigmented. The Smoky Eye Palette has been completely redone and new liners are waterproof and feel amazing. There is even a hint of a matte shadow palette coming soon (Sephora only, I believe). Too Faced does mattes right. Not too chalky, silky, pigmented, long-wearing. The colors Pillow Talk and Like a Virgin are some of my all-time favorite shadows. Thus I am super excited to get my hands on this palette. But first things first.

Let's start with the new Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eye Liner. These liners are creamy like butter. I can't quite think of another liner that is this smooth. I wouldn't leave these in a warm car for too long. But I would opt for these to create super smudgy rock star gorgeous looks. The Perfect Black is a dark heavy matte black that doesn't move. Perfect Peacock is a shimmering teal and Perfect Storm is gunmetal gray with a hint of sparkle.


(From the top: Perfect Storm, Perfect Black, Perfect Peacock, Perfect Brown, Perfect Purple, Perfect Black Orchid)

After these liners dry down, they don't move at all. While I don't own them yet, based on my in-store experience, I believe you'll have a nice amount of play time to line, smudge and perfect and then when they are set, they are set. I'll be sure to post pics of looks and give you more wear details as soon as I have them!

What I have been really excited about is the new Smoky Eye Palette. I love a smoky eye. Subtle or serious, I am a sucker for a good smoky eye. This palette contains nine shadows, like the previous palettes. Each contains three color families, all of which are perfect for a smoky eye.

 (Smoky Eye Palette Shadows)

(Fashion, Classic, Day)

(The Day Look)

The Day look gives you a taupey, golden, espresso-smoked-out eye.

(The Classic Look)

The Classic gives you a traditional white, gray and black smoky eye, which can give you the easiest and most obvious look or, as I like to think of it, my favorite french look from the 90's. (I could not STOP wearing my shadow that way in the mid 90's. It's about time for it to come back!)

The Fashion gives you silver, electric plum and navy, all of which are gorgeous.

Here is the quick look I did this morning. I used the Classic Look and Perfect Storm liner.
I'm also wearing the True Blood Blush (Tarte) and Totally Nude Lipstick from Too Faced.

What do you think? Picking up or passing? I'm loving them all so far. I am especially looking forward to the new matte shadows. Have you seen them yet? Thoughts?

I bought some of this. Others were swatched in-store. Too Faced doesn't test on animals.

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  1. I did buy the Beauty Blender (I drove 20 miles both ways on my day off!). I
    used it in the pic above. I really like it. It makes my foundation look
    remarkably smoother and flawless is a way I didn't know possible.

  2. i'm a little bit sad that they reformulated this palette.  i have the old version and i was looking forward to repurchasing it again after using all the colors up.

  3. MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone)October 3, 2012 at 4:52 PM

    I saw the palette at IMATS but they wouldn't sell it. I was so disappointed. I'll be buying it for sure though. The BB sponge is sponge worthy and 40 miles worth of gasoline worthy too.

  4. they still have the old smoky eye palette, this is just a new version.

  5. yesterday buy both palettes, new smokey and matte, Im happy because the old smokey i think is boring but this is amazing, (have the other 3 version)  and matte im not tried yet but look really good, im sorry for my english i'm mexican but i love the make up

  6. I have them all and I love them! They are definitely some of my favorite palettes out today!


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